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Full Name: Sam Weston
Nationality: Australian
Organization: ASIS
Occupation Agent

Creator: Sean Rider
Time Span: 2021 - 2022


Sam Weston is an agent with the ASIS.

He holds Australian citizenship through his father, Andy, a former member of one of that nation's Special Forces groups and a man trained in warfare and survival. He also hold dual citizenry with the United States from his mother, herself an American Special Forces soldier for several years, and because he was born and partially raised in Hawaii. The adventure which brought his parents together is told in the prequel recounting which also describes in some detail how Weston would come to have as negative an attitude towards the CIA as he does.

Weston, as mentioned, was raised in Hawaii but he spent several summers with his father in the Outback. When he was 14 his mother was assassinated and he went to live permanently with his father which is how this American-born young man came to be a soldier a few years later in the Australia's armed forces and subsequently a valued member of that country's primary covert intelligence organization.

Weston is an interesting contradiction in that he really took to the huge expanse of the Outback and his father's very large and successful sheep and cattle station in the far western part of New South Wales while at the same time he seemed to thrive in various cities around the globe where he is sent on missions by the ASIS.

In addition to those assignments, he has a side business going on his down time, one which he refers to as his "little black jobs" for which he charges $10k a day plus expenses. These prove useful in his ASIS work as they "helped him maintain his networks in the shadier side of business" and they in turn were helped by the fact that working for ASIS have him access to criminal intelligence information. Some of these side jobs might be a tad sketchy but "he had a strong conscience and never took on anything grossly illegal". Toss in the fact that as an ASIS operative he could travel under a diplomatic passport and he was able to operate just about anywhere.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2022

0 Double Treachery Double Treachery
Written by Sean Rider
Copyright: 2021

A prequel dealing with Sam Weston's parents.
"The CIA’s Clandestine Division has gone rogue. The conspiracy has its roots back in Vietnam, where a crack Special Forces team is sent to kill a North Vietnamese sniper, who is creating carnage with a devastating new weapon. An isolated US Fire Support Base is losing men by the hour. They are later on a covert patrol in hostile Laos, when a B52 bomber is downed by SAMs, and crashes into their laps. Tasked to rescue the aircrew, they come under missile attack from a rogue CIA plane. Their leader and all the aircrew perish.
After the war ends, the survivors, dedicated to seeing justice done, form a teamin the US to hunt down those who ordered the CIA air strike. What they discover is a CIA being used like an illegal, secret army, doing the bidding of a group of corrupt Washington politicians and their rich, powerbroker supporters. The odds are massively stacked against them succeeding. But they have amongst them a formidable ex Delta Force operator. She has a plan that no one could have imagined. But they also have a traitor in their midst too."
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1 A Very Personal War A Very Personal War
Written by Sean Rider
Copyright: 2021

"NATO's most wanted Taliban terrorist is set free by a double-dealing US President. He needs eliminating. ASIS sends in Sam Weston, their top covert operator. He nearly doesn't make it back.
Then tasked to rescue two hostages held by militants in Libya, the gruesome result sends Sam on a mission of deadly revenge. Sam's nemesis, rogue CIA elements, are now after him, so he must strike first. He needs unofficial help. A Russian oligarch needs a favor done, and so he gains their assistance. It nearly costs him his life. He can now trust no one."
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2 Vendetta Vendetta
Written by Sean Rider
Copyright: 2021

"Sam is back home on leave and gets a request for assistance from an old family friend. But that friend is a mafia Padrino. In helping, with the blessing of organized crime agencies, he gets sucked into a vortex of death and betrayal unique to the Calabrian Mafia, the ‘Ndrangheta. 
Only just escaping death, Sam enlists assistance from the dark underbelly of corrupt agencies and European organized crime. His life is at risk and those who help him. He is forced to rescue a colleague from a CIA Black Prison, as a result.
His plans for early retirement are cancelled as his handlers send him on a hostage extraction in Russia. The pursuit by the FSB ends with a bullet."
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3 Searcher Searcher
Written by Sean Rider
Copyright: 2022

"A near lifeless person is found floating in the Thames River, but when DNA and fingerprints conflict, MI5 and MI6 are brought in to investigate. They discover that Britain’s security agencies have been hacked. The DNA and fingerprint databases have been altered. Hundreds or terrorism court cases have been compromised. They are forced to play the hackers’ own game.
A clandestine operation to Belgrade results in failure and the team is captured by Malina, the Russian and Ukrainian Mafia. They have added cyber crime to child sex trafficking. Sam Weston is seconded to mount a rescue mission. He needs the covert assistance of his Cosa Nostra allies, hated enemies of Malina. In return he must find the grand daughter of a Russian FSB General who Malina has been sold into slavery."
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4 The General The General
Written by Sean Rider
Copyright: 2022

"The trade in child sex trafficking into Eastern Europe is controlled by the Malina, the ruthless Ukrainian Mafia. Sam is tasked to interdict the pipeline and hurt them where it matters...their secret funds. To get their tragic cargo to Rotterdam and to the Middle East, Malina use the Albanian and Macedonian mafia in Germany. Sam and his allies start a bloody war between them that sends shockwaves through transnational organized crime.
In the midst of this mayhem, Sam’s partner Ana discovers a heinous crime has been committed leaving the President of Germany’s daughter a quadriplegic. They find the criminal responsible hiding in Sweden and exact lethal justice. Sam and Ana are then given an impossible mission. The FSB General who provides protection for the criminal oligarchs, and hides their money in secret overseas bank accounts, seeks asylum from Germany. Their task is to extract him to the West, with all of Russia’s security apparatus on their heels."
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I was intrigued by the back story of this character from the beginning, largely because I am fascinated by the Outback (the huge Australian track of land, not the restaurant chain although ...). The idea that an operative would be flitting around the world getting into all sorts of troubles and then, to relax and recuperate, head to largely deserted region was fascinating.

Once I started reading, I was just as hooked if not more so. Weston is really, really interesting and the author, Sean Rider, definitely knows how to grab you and keep you. I hope the man keeps giving us more.


My Grade: A-


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