The General

The General

Written by Sean Rider

"The trade in child sex trafficking into Eastern Europe is controlled by the Malina, the ruthless Ukrainian Mafia. Sam is tasked to interdict the pipeline and hurt them where it matters...their secret funds. To get their tragic cargo to Rotterdam and to the Middle East, Malina use the Albanian and Macedonian mafia in Germany. Sam and his allies start a bloody war between them that sends shockwaves through transnational organized crime.
In the midst of this mayhem, Sam’s partner Ana discovers a heinous crime has been committed leaving the President of Germany’s daughter a quadriplegic. They find the criminal responsible hiding in Sweden and exact lethal justice. Sam and Ana are then given an impossible mission. The FSB General who provides protection for the criminal oligarchs, and hides their money in secret overseas bank accounts, seeks asylum from Germany. Their task is to extract him to the West, with all of Russia’s security apparatus on their heels."