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Full Name: Michael Wolfe
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: J. C. Fields
Time Span: 2019 - 2022


Michael Wolfe is an agent with the CIA.

He was an agent; that might be a bit more accurate, although since he still takes contract work for the Agency, it is probably a moot point. And it is with a CIA handler/friend of his that Wolfe will be meeting when we first meet him, said rendezvous to let the handler know that someone out there really wants Wolfe dead. Considering that Wolfe's expertise is killing people, it is not surprising friends or relatives or associates of someone he has dispatched might harbor ill will towards him.

As that sometime handler would tell another, ""His resume is pretty impressive. Decorated Marine sniper during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Left the military and earned a degree in International Business Management at Georgetown University. He spent several years working for me at the CIA. During this period, he met a woman from Israel, got married and moved there. After she was killed in a Palestinian terrorist attack, he did a little work for the Mossad."

"Now he calls himself an international business consultant. He's handy with languages, fluent in French, German, Hebrew and passable in Spanish and Arabic." We are also told that his skills as a marksman, especially long distance shooting is exceptional.

If you want to locate Wolfe, you need to head to the southern part of Missouri near the border with Arkensas. You will need to know where to get off Highway 90 onto a "barely-passable road composed of exposed dirt, ruts and the occasional patch of river rock". Do not look for a traditional house; instead look closely for an earthen berm with a mostly concealed entrance. Getting past the "massive ornately carved oak door reinforced wiht a layer of Kevlar between two solid shees of oak planks" might be tricky but the surprising view inside is worth it. Wolfe might opt to disguise his abode, keeping it hidden even from satellites, but his interior decorating skills are impressive. That sort of hiding might reek of paranoia unless you were aware of the type of people who deeply desire Wolfe's death, and the money and power that they can throw at such a project. 

Wolfe's deadly abilities are not obvious when looking at him. He is described as being of average height and build, his hair and beard showing more gray than brown on an oval face. His eyes are said to be green and narrow.

Working closely with Wolfe in his adventures - very closely, if you get my drift - is Mossad agent Nadia Picard, a beautiful slender woman with long dark brown hair who has been an operative for a fair number of years and had worked with Wolfe back in the day before each had gone their separate ways. When we meet Wolfe, he is coming back into contact with her and will stay that way.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2022

1 A Lone Wolf A Lone Wolf
Written by J. C. Fields
Copyright: 2019

"Somebody wants Wolfe, and his ex-Mossad girlfriend, Nadia Picard, dead.
When an attempt to assassinate them in Barcelona, Spain goes awry, they manage to find their way back to Wolfe's rustic property in remote southern Missouri unscathed.
Not one to hide from a threat, Wolfe aggressively starts using his training and skills to find out who tried to eliminate them in Barcelona, but more importantly-why."
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2 The Last Insurgent The Last Insurgent
Written by J. C. Fields
Copyright: 2021

"He is a ghost. A man who travels the globe selling his bomb-making skills to the highest bidder and one of the last holdouts from the Irish Troubles of the 1990's. Danny McCaffrey offers his talents to Iran who has developed a new bio-weapon. Their long-term goal: To disrupt the governments of Western Europe, Israel and the United States.
When the NSA intercepts an international call hinting at a meeting for this new endeavor, ex-Marine Sniper and clandestine CIA operative Michael Wolfe is sent to intercept him. When he fails to stop the ex-IRA terrorist in Mexico, he and his equally deadly ex-Mossad wife, Nadia are tasked with finding McCaffrey.
The result is a lethal international cat-and-mouse game ranging from the mountains of northern Iran to the streets of Washington, DC. Wolfe and Nadia must stop McCaffrey before he can orchestrate an attack aimed at the President of The United States."
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3 A Matter of Payback A Matter of Payback
Written by J. C. Fields
Copyright: 2022

An Iranian terrorist who goes by the name, Mohammad Al-Qaedi is responsible for several terror attack over the past 20 years. Now Michael Wolfe and MI6 agent Ian McGill on a covert mission to Iran learn of him and how he was responsible for many deaths, including people close to the operatives.
"Now Britain’s House of Parliament and Big Ben are targeted by Al-Qaedi, the President of the United States sends Wolfe to London in an effort to assist MI6. He prevents the massive bombing and, in the process, eliminates the terrorist’s source of weapons and funding."
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We have some mighty fine, solid storytelling going on here. Wolfe is an enjoyable character to follow, especially if you are looking for dangerous fellows who can leap into action immediately when it is called for but not be too over the top with dozens dead from dozens of bullets. That is not Wolfe's style though there is no doubt if he needed to ...

I got onto the skill of this author through this spy series but then saw there was also a pretty terrific FBI detective series about Sean Kruger that was also definitely worth the time.


My Grade: B+


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