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Full Name: John Clooney
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jon Wesick
Time Span: 2020 - 2021


John Clooney is an agent with the CIA.

He has been one for just over two decades by the time we meet him in the first recorded adventure. His tenure almost comes to an end in the first few pages when his partner of just a few months is murdered and he almost buys it himself, all thanks to having been sold out. To say that Clooney's attitude, which had been quite upbeat prior to the betrayal, takes a decidedly different tone is mild. Since it turns out that the traitor had given more names than just those two and six other operatives working on different parts of the overall mission were also dead, Clooney is forced to work without Agency help and support - totally on his own which he observes, "I like it that way".

Clooney would some time later begin to ponder whether he wanted to stay in the shadowy business he had been in for so long. It had cost him his marriage years before and taken the life of several friends and left him with just one or two close to him. Was it worth it, he would ask himself. Then admitted that for the most part, his handler "gave him plenty of leeway" and that "most of the time he was half a world away from the politics at Langley". He definitely preferred it that way. After a tad more soul-searching, he would decide to continue on as before but "no more heroics, though. The so-called new leadership [at the Agency] wasn't work risking his life for".

An understandable sentiment considering what Clooney has been through but one that he would not exactly follow through with. He definitely continued to handle a lot more heroics and would risk his life several more times. I'll concede he did it because that was the job, not for the bigwigs back home.

In addition to his handler, William Tate, with whom Clooney has an interesting relationship - quite friendly but still rooted in the handler-agent dynamic - Clooney has one close friend, Anton Gruber. Gruber is a very successful private investigator who is domiciled in Germany but who is more than capable of operating anywhere in Europe when called for and Clooney calls upon him a lot. These are two long-time friends who have saved each other's bacon and helped each other home after too much partying quite a few times.

Good Lines:
- When asked rhetorically where he was when sensitivity training was being given, Clooney responded, "Kosovo, I think".


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2021

1 The Enigma Brokers The Enigma Brokers
Written by Jon Wesick
Copyright: 2020

"International banking, diplomatic cables … nuclear missile launch codes ... all rely on unbreakable encryption. What if these codes were no longer secure?
That nightmare scenario seems to be reality. A shadowy underworld syndicate is auctioning off access to the world’s encrypted secrets. The only plausible explanation for this ability? Someone has achieved the holy grail of code-breaking: quantum computing.
Veteran CIA agent John Clooney must track down the perpetrators and retrieve this technology for the United States government. And it is personal, as the enigma brokers have already cost the lives of his fellow agents, perhaps including his partner."
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2 The Shadow Killers The Shadow Killers
Written by Jon Wesick
Copyright: 2021

"The world’s deadliest assassins are … already dead?
A shadowy group of killers for hire is eliminating world leaders, crime lords, and CIA agents. Inexplicably, the deceased contract killers have both the DNA and fingerprints of people who are long dead.
CIA agent John Clooney devises a dangerous plan to capture a shadow killer alive: contract a hit on himself."
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3 The Prague Deception The Prague Deception
Written by Jon Wesick
Copyright: 2021

"Has John Clooney’s friend and ally become a dangerous enemy?
Private investigator Anton Gruber has been CIA agent John Clooney’s trusted aid. Clooney may have questioned Gruber’s taste in cuisine, but never his loyalty – until Gruber double-crossed him.
Escaping with his life, Clooney is sidelined while his superior attempts to discover how Gruber was compromised. The investigation delves into Gruber’s astonishing past: from his unpleasant days as an East German border guard to life as a narcotics agent, from his time in the tango clubs of Buenos Aires to a trip up the Amazon in search of Nazi gold."
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If I had been Clooney, I think I would have found a new line of work. He thinks about it a lot but he sticks with it. Me, after almost dying more than once and being treated like dog doo-doo by his bosses, I would tell them where to place that smelly stuff and find another job.

But if he did that, well, we would not have these very enjoyable and well written tales to read and then shake our heads at. So I reckon it is a good thing that Clooney is so thick-headed or stubborn or both because people do like to do him bodily harm.


My Grade: B+


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