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Full Name: Eva Kiesler
Series Name: Eva Kiesler's Private War
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Blaze Ward
Time Span: 2017 - 2018


Eva Kiesler is an agent with British Intelligence.

The Second World War is on the horizon and approaching quickly when she takes up duties with that organization.

Kiesler was once married to a man named Friedrich who owned armament factories. That former mate had been troublesome, her words, and she "wouldn't have another, not for a while". That union had ended back in 1937 when she escaped to Paris "fleeing her domineering husband in the dead of night dressed as her maid".

She works for a man known as the Brigadier, full name being Angus Thromburton CVO, DSO. He had approached her back at the time of her self-rescue, offering a position with his new organization and promising that she would find it a lot more fulfilling than her intended career as an actress. She politely declined and headed to the West Coast of America where she found shortly thereafter that beautiful women were eye-candy, "seen but not heard". She was glad she had kept his business card.

She is described as "tall and slender" but as shown in the first recorded adventure, a fair amount out of conditioning. "The Brigadier had threatened to put her in for morning calisthenics. That sounded like so much less fun than sleeping in, but she had to reconsider her opinion It was necessary to keep up with the men she wanted to lead and impress." She also had an opportunity to wish she had spent more time at the firing range - while her shooting ability is good, she was "no trick-shooting Annie Oakley" and she had learned there were times such a skill is useful. She was quick to realize that out in the field, especially behind enemy lines, "she couldn't rely on being one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, anymore".

Regarding that last statement, her history before she took up her current role as an operative had her as one of the most successful and most famous actresses in the film industry. In her new job, that fame and admiration worked often against her because "once me recognized her, they could never get over it".

Once she made the decision to not devote her life to acting but to also serve her country as relations with Germany became more strained Kiesler was placed with a team of operatives; by the time we join up with her, she is by no means a novice at field work.

Our time with Kiesler and that team will also see the introduction of and joining of Dr. Slate, a most interesting individual. Not only is he a genius and can prove it easily, he is also unique. He is "technically the clone of one of the most famous scientists of the day, a much-younger copy of Nikola Tesla" and shares "all the older man's memories up until the fateful [day in] August 27, 1922" when a secret invention of Tesla caused his creation.


Number of Stories:3
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2018

Though these are released as "books", I list them here based on their size: the page counts are roughly 24, 42, and 57.

1 The Rescue The Rescue
Written by Blaze Ward
Copyright: 2017

Dr. Slate is a scientist being held by the Nazis in a secret base in the mountainous area of New York. The fact that he was a clone of the legendary inventor Nikola Tesla made him too important to let them keep him so Eve Kiesler was sent in to get him out - or to make sure he did not live.
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2 The Machine The Machine
Written by Blaze Ward
Copyright: 2017

With the help of Dr. Slate, Eva Kiesler is leading a team of British operatives to stop a mad scientist working in the heart of Manhattan. If they cannot stop him and the device he has created, they could see the entire island go up in flames.
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3 Rocketman Rocketman
Written by Blaze Ward
Copyright: 2018

Eva Kiesler and her team, including the unusual Dr. Slate, must race across America to stop Nazi agents from kidnapping that country's most famous rocket scientist.
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I have made it known in this compendium before that I strongly approve of the use of shorter works to tell stories and that is the case with this one. It is hard to get bogged down when you have a limited number of pages.

I especially liked the concept of this series. I liked the main character, Eva Kiesler, a lot and would have enjoyed more stories about her, especially shorter ones that I could zip through. Unfortunately, the author only gave us this trio so I had to deal with her coming and going so quickly.


My Grade: B+


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