Writing as: Blaze Ward

Highly prolific American author in a wide range of sub-genres though mostly related to science fiction set in the Alexandria Station universe.

Series Books
Eva Kiesler The Rescue (ss) (2017)
  The Machine (ss) (2017)
  Rocketman (ss) (2018)
Other Beyond the Mirror [Beyond the Mirror] (2014)
  Beyond the Mirror, Volume 2 [Beyond the Mirror] (2014)
  Beyond the Mirror: Volume 1 [Beyond the Mirror] (2014)
  Destiny [Brak Stories] (2014)
  Meat Shield [Brak Stories] (2014)
  Myrmidons [Hive] (2014)
  The Forestal (2014)
  The Popcorn Kitten [Brak Stories] (2014)
  Auberon [Jessica Keller Chronicles] (2015)
  Imposters (2015)
  Last of the Immortals [Jessica Keller Chronicles] (2015)
  Moonshot [Hive] (2015)
  Queen of the Pirates [Jessica Keller Chronicles] (2015)
  The Gilded Cage [Science Officer] (2015)
  The Mind Field [Science Officer] (2015)
  The Story Road (2015)
  Demigod (2016)
  Fairchild [Fairchild] (2016)
  Feet of Clay [Brak Stories] (2016)
  Goddess of War [Jessica Keller Chronicles] (2016)
  White Crane [Modern Gods] (2016)
  Beyond the Mirror, Volume 4 [Beyond the Mirror] (2017)
  Beyond the Mirror, Volume 5 [Beyond the Mirror] (2017)
  Flight of the Blackbird [Jessica Keller Chronicles] (2017)
  Kid Lexington [Modern Gods] (2017)
  Menelaus [Hive] (2017)
  Stand Up [Modern Gods] (2017)
  The Breakfast Dragon [Modern Gods] (2017)
  The Coffee Doctor [Modern Gods] (2017)
  The Doomsday Vault [Science Officer] (2017)
  The Hammerfield Gambit [Science Officer] (2017)
  The Hammerfield Payoff [Science Officer] (2017)
  The Last Flagship [Science Officer] (2017)
  The Pleasure Dome [Science Officer] (2017)
  Awaken the Star Dragon (2018)
  Beyond the Mirror, Volume 6 [Beyond the Mirror] (2018)
  Beyond the Mirror, Volume 7 [Beyond the Mirror] (2018)
  Birth of the Star Dragon [Earth Force Sky Patrol File] (2018)
  Can't Shoot Straight Gang Returns [Handsome Rob Gig] (2018)
  Expectations [Modern Gods] (2018)
  St. Legier [Jessica Keller Chronicles] (2018)
  The Red Admiral [Jessica Keller Chronicles] (2018)
  Backwards on the Way [Akahana] (2019)
  Call of the Star Dragon [Earth Force Sky Patrol File] (2019)
  Dominion-427 [Shadow of the Dominion] (2019)
  Flight of the Star Dragon [Earth Force Sky Patrol File] (2019)
  Hard Bargain [Shadow of the Dominion] (2019)
  Longshot Hypothesis [Shadow of the Dominion] (2019)
  Outermost [Shadow of the Dominion] (2019)
  Packmule [CS-405] (2019)
  Persephone [CS-405] (2019)
  Petron [Jessica Keller Chronicles] (2019)
  Phoenix [Shadow of the Dominion] (2019)
  Princess Rualoh [Shadow of the Dominion] (2019)
  Queen Anne's Revenge [CS-405] (2019)
  Shadow of the Star Dragon [Earth Force Sky Patrol File] (2019)
  The Eight-Petaled Rose [Akahana] (2019)
  The Science Officer [Science Officer] (2019)
  Trial of the Star Dragon [Earth Force Sky Patrol File] (2019)
  Two Bottles of Wine with a War God (2019)
  Winterhome [Jessica Keller Chronicles] (2019)
  Alien Seas [Science Officer] (2020)
  Assassin (2020)
  Can't Shoot Straight Gang [Handsome Rob Gig] (2020)
  Handsome Rob Assassin [Handsome Rob Gig] (2020)
  Hunting Handsome Rob [Handsome Rob Gig] (2020)
  Latency [Hunter Bureau] (2020)
  Mirrors [Hunter Bureau] (2020)
  MorningStar [Star Tribes] (2020)
  SeekerStar [Star Tribes] (2020)
  SeptStar [Star Tribes] (2020)
  SwiftStar [Star Tribes] (2020)
  The Bryce Connection [Science Officer] (2020)
  Way of the Sword (2020)
  WinterStar [Star Tribes] (2020)
  Alliance [Lazarus Alliance] (2021)
  Avalon [Yasmin of the Desert] (2021)
  Buried Among the Stars [Science Officer] (2021)
  Consensus at Aditi [First Centurion Kosnett] (2021)
  Egon the Bold (2021)
  Encounter at Vilahana [First Centurion Kosnett] (2021)
  Escape [Lazarus Alliance] (2021)
  Gawain [Yasmin of the Desert] (2021)
  Liberation [Lazarus Alliance] (2021)
  Rebellion [Lazarus Alliance] (2021)
  Retribution [Lazarus Alliance] (2021)
  Return [Lazarus Alliance] (2021)
  Revolution [Lazarus Alliance] (2021)
  Strawberry Dragon [Fairchild] (2021)
  The Gunderson Case Files (2021)
  Captain Navarre [Science Officer] (2022)
  Domain at Yaumgan [First Centurion Kosnett] (2022)
  Empire at Gloran [First Centurion Kosnett] (2022)
  Hegemony at Dalou [First Centurion Kosnett] (2022)
  Inhuman [Hunter Bureau] (2022)
  Kinetic Solutions [Handsome Rob Gig] (2022)
  Pleasure Model [Hunter Bureau] (2022)
  Princes at Ewin [First Centurion Kosnett] (2022)
  Reborn [Captain Daring] (2022)
  Returned [Captain Daring] (2022)
  Revoked [Captain Daring] (2022)
  The Eden Package (2022)
  Fugitive (2023)
  Games People Play [Last Stand] (2023)
  Ghost Towns [Last Stand] (2023)
  Lost Dreams [Last Stand] (2023)
  Pacific Force [Pacific Force] (2023)
  Prophet and Loss [Last Stand] (2023)
  Starfall [Pacific Force] (2023)