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Full Name: Anna Ledin
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: L. L. Abbott
Time Span: 2018 - 2021


Anna Ledin is an agent with the CIA.

Was an agent and then is again, to be more accurate.

When we first meet her, she is marking "two years since she walked away from her position as Special Investigator with the CIA. The toll the physical and emotional pain took on her after the accident was too much to overcome and she refused to let her ego allow any more innocent people to be put in harm or worse die, because of it."

We learn almost immediately that back when she was employed by the Agency, "she was great at her job. She was the best actually. She was top of her class at the academy and her supervisors fast-tracked her into the field because of her insanely innate ability to read terrorist threats and how they related to international economic trends, making her an invaluable profiler. She spoke five languages and none with the hint of an accent which made her perfect for undercover agent work."

Physically we are told that she "was average height, about 5'7" and wore her sandy brown hair shoulder length. She had a naturally athletic body that allowed her to easily mask her core strength within her frame without the necessity of excessive bulk. Anna's strong cardio was essential in gaining the respect of the other agents in training, because no matter how arduous the task, she could always keep up, and even exceed some of her classmates during their highly competitive drills."

The accident mentioned above was the result of a terrorist explosion that destroyed the headquarters for the group she was attached to, killing several dozen fellow employees including her supervisor and her friend and work partner, Devon. She had figured out the attack was about to happen and had been racing to give warning - the phone lines having been severed - when the bomb went off as she was within a block. Her physical injuries were bad but nothing compared to the survivor's quilt she felt.

She quit the Agency and took a job as an inner-city social worker and has been such for nearly 24 months. She knew she would never go back to her old line of work. She would be proven wrong on that.

Good Line:
- From a blurb about the series: "If Bourne had a sister, it would be Anna"


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2021

1 The Blackwater Operative The Blackwater Operative
Written by L. L. Abbott
Copyright: 2018

"When Anna's old boss turns up, he coerces her into delving back into her old role as Special Investigator and undercover agent to help him thwart an attack on the country that could have catastrophic repercussions internationally. While Anna begins to wade deep into international secrets, she uncovers more than she bargained for when she realizes that a connection in her past has closer ties to the threat she has been enlisted to stop."
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2 The Phoenix Code The Phoenix Code
Written by L. L. Abbott
Copyright: 2019

"Welcoming any distraction, she agrees to help Simon with the undercover operation approved by the newly appointed President. Simon is tasked with retrieving a computer chip that holds terrifying military repercussions and contains advanced technology never seen before. When Anna arrives she finds they are both embroiled in an underground terrorist plot that could prove disastrous for the free world and put the balance of power in the hands of dictators, who up until now have been kept in check by world organizations."
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3 Rogue Rogue
Written by L. L. Abbott
Copyright: 2020

"Having disappeared during a black-ops surveillance of a key Chinese target, Agent Ledin finds herself disturbed by fragmented memories that threaten to reveal a terrifying truth. The danger of cyber attacks against the U.S. has escalated to a global level and the secret unit assembled by President Stuart must maneuver through the dangerous world of international espionage while hoping to find the truth behind the link to President Zhi and the attacks, if she is to retain the support of her political allies. The ever-shifting alliances on the global political stage create a timeline for President Stuart to prove the Chinese are behind the attack if she is to stop them from destroying America and her presidency."
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4 Blown Blown
Written by L. L. Abbott
Copyright: 2021

"The President learns that a terrorist group is planning to attack the United States government, led by an unknown enemy, leaving only a handful of clues to follow. President Stuart quickly tasks her two top agents with finding and stopping the attackers, before they have a chance to enter the country.
Their discovery brings them face to face with the terrifying enemies of their country and government and soon reveals the frightening plan that is about to unravel."
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One point of advise to any fictional person planning on stalking or annoying Ledin or not walking away from her when she barks such a command at you, - do what she says. She is not likely to say it twice and she can kick pretty well and I do not mean light taps on the shin. She is capable of fighting her own battles - Lord knows she had found enough of them.

I really got to like Ledin. She has seen a whole lot and still wants to serve her fellow man. Why, I am not so sure since a good number of those she comes into contact with do not need much more than some lead to the head.


My Grade: B+


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