Writing as: L. L. Abbott

According to the bio on her website: "L.L. Abbott writes mystery and suspense thrillers for readers who enjoy atmospheric settings, layered characters and the 'ah-ha' moments of classic whodunits with a contemporary twist. She also writes how she reads, delving into genres that entertain, excite and inform. She's the author of several series, historical fiction novels, YA books and inspirational journals. Having called both Canada and the U.S. home, she pulls interest, settings and ideas from many cultures, weaving stories and characters into her novels."

Series Books
Anna Ledin The Blackwater Operative (2018)
  The Phoenix Code (2019)
  Rogue (2020)
  Blown (2021)
Other Murder of Crows [Lake Pine Mystery] (2020)
  The Dead of Winter [Lake Pine Mystery] (2020)
  The Hotel Penn (2020)
  Murder at First Light [Lake Pine Mystery] (2021)
  Death at Deception Bay [Lake Pine Mystery] (2021)
  The Night Is Darkest [Lake Pine Mystery] (2021)
  Conspiracy of Blood [Lake Pine Mystery] (2021)
  Deadly Past [Lake Pine Mystery] (2021)
  Echoes of Guilt [Lake Pine Mystery] (2021)
  The Plus One (2021)
  The Love Trip (2022)