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Full Name: Charles Ferguson
Nationality: British
Organization: Group Four
Occupation Spymaster

Creator: Jack Higgins
Time Span: 1966 - 2016


Charles Ferguson is a British spymaster.

During most of our acquaintance with the man he runs Group Four, a department associated with MI5 but one in which he holds near autonomous control based on what he will be seen to do and whom he will not be seeking permission of to do it. Except on occasion when he needs to communicate with the Prime Minister or vice versa, Ferguson is his own boss it seems.

"Brigadier Charles Ferguson had commanded Group Four since its conception in 1971, a large untidy man in his early sixties with a deceptively benign face who affected crumpled suits, his only hint of anything in the slightest sense military his Guards' tie. Ferguson preferred to work at home when possible, in the Georgian splendor of his Cavendish Square flat." There he is often seen "sitting in comfort beside the Adam fireplace, drinking tea and working his way through a stack of papers" attended to by his Gurkha manservant, Kim.

His unkempt sartorial state is elsewhere confirmed with "Brigadier Charles Ferguson was a large, kindly-looking man whose crumpled suit seemed a size too big..." and the description of the man as having a "voice that was plummy, a little overdone, rather like the aging actor in a second-rate touring company who wants to make sure they can hear him at the back of the theater". His "untidy grey hair, the double chin, the half-moon spectacles" gave him the appearance "of some minor professor." All this makes the man seem rather avuncular until you read that "he was, in fact, as ruthless as Cesare Borgia in action and totally without scruples when it came to his country's interest."

Most of the adventures we find Ferguson involved in come while he is directing the extremely lethal former IRA enforcer, Sean Dillon, but these come at the end of his career. Some of the missions and cases we have of his which precede those of Dillon show a nice view into how he got powerful enough to consider trying to corral a man like that.


Number of Books:29
First Appearance:1966
Last Appearance:2016

1 The Iron Tiger The Iron Tiger
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 1966

Jack Drummond is an adventurer who has had enough excitement. He is ready to give it up and return to England to retire. He agrees reluctantly to one more mission, handed to him by his handler, a fellow named Ferguson, to drop off a supply of illegal arms in Tibet. That was dangerous enough but then he agrees to help a boy king and a woman to escape the Chinese and someone destroys his plane and he and his companions are on their own.
Note: there is no proof that this Ferguson is Brigadier Charles Ferguson but he is handling agents for British Intelligence and this is fairly early in his career. Furthermore, there is no proof that he isn't the Brigadier.
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2 The Savage Day The Savage Day
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 1972

Book 2 in the Simon Vaughan series.
Simon Vaughan is pulled from a cell in Greece with the offer of freedom for finding a cache of gold stolen by the IRA and putting a permanent end to its leader. The man making the offer identifies himself as "Brigadier Harry Ferguson of the Royal Corps of Transport" which Vaughan doubts as accurate or at least the RCoT part.
Note: Again there is no proof whether this fellow is really Brigadier Charles Ferguson or not. It is interesting that the rank and last name are the same. His stating he works for the RCoT could easily be a cover.
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3 Solo Solo
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 1980

John Mikali is a piano virtuoso. He is also an exceptional assassin. He never makes a mistake. Until this time when he kills a young woman who witnesses his latest murder. And that woman was the daughter of Asa Morgan, a decorated SAS soldier. Now Morgan is out for vengeance. And Brigadier Charles Ferguson would very much like to see Mikali eliminated so he makes use of the situation.
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4 Touch The Devil Touch The Devil
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 1982

Book 3 in the Liam Devlin series.
When an assassin for the KGB is found to have stolen vital NATO weapons secrets, Charles Ferguson of British Intelligence needs someone who can think as deviously as the Soviet to catch him. His selection is Liam Devlin but his cooperation is not coming willingly.
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5 Exocet Exocet
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 1983

In the conflict ongoing for the Falkland islands, Argentinean agents are doing everything they can to get hold of black market Exocet missiles and British agents Tony Villiers and Gabrielle Legrand, under the control of Brigadier Charles Ferguson, are doing everything they can to stop it from happening. 
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6 Confessional Confessional
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 1985

Book 4 in the Liam Devlin series.
A deep sleeper agent, planted by the KGB in Northern Ireland many years before, has awakened and is on a mission to kill one of the most beloved people in the British Isles. While the plans of the Soviets have since changed, the intent of the sleeper has not. Unless someone can root him out, the turmoil is escalate to a new level. Brigadier Charles Ferguson's choice for the job is Liam Devlin.
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7 A Season In Hell A Season In Hell
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 1989

"Sean Egan and Sarah Talbot are united by tragedy when his sister and her son are both murdered, their corpses used to smuggle heroin by members of Europe’s bloodiest drug ring. Now Egan, an Irish-born British Special Forces operative, and Talbot, a well-connected Wall Street lawyer, will stop at nothing to bring the murderers to justice." Helping them in this endeavor is Brigadier Charles Ferguson of Group Four, the case brought to his attention by a relative of one of the deceased, Tony Villiers.
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8 Eye Of The Storm Eye Of The Storm
aka Midnight Man
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 1992

Book 1 in the Sean Dillon series.
Once a feared figure in the Irish conflict, Sean Dillon is now earning his keep as a gun-for-hire, willing to do whatever was necessary to get the job done. Hired by Saddam Hussein, he is to take out the leadership of the British government through the destruction of 10 Downing Street.

9 Thunder Point Thunder Point
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 1993

Book 2 in the Sean Dillon series.
As WWII was ending, Martin Bormann is sent to the relative safety of South America, taking with him documents for the survival of the Nazi Party including the Windsor Protocol, a treaty by Hitler and the British Duke of Windsor. Decades later, Sean Dillon is hired by Ferguson to find the latter.

10 On Dangerous Ground On Dangerous Ground
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 1994

Book 3 in the Sean Dillon series.
Word has come of a document, supposedly signed by, giving the United Kingdom a further 100 years of dominance over Hong Kong. Sean Dillon's job is to get his hands on it at all costs.

11 Angel Of Death Angel Of Death
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 1995

Book 4 in the Sean Dillon series.
The terrorist group 'January 30' has no aim other than the spreading of terror. Its victims show little pattern, including Americans, Arabs, Israelis, KGB agents, Loyalist soldiers, and even gunmen from the IRA. Sean Dillon is sent to stop them but he is the target of an assassin known as the Angel Of Death.

12 Drink With The Devil Drink With The Devil
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 1996

Book 5 in the Sean Dillon series.
Ten years ago, an audacious plan to steal millions in gold bullion from the British government almost succeeds. In failure, the ship holding the bounty is blown up and sinks in the Irish Sea. Now a group is after it to finance hostilities in Northern Ireland.

13 The President's Daughter The President's Daughter
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 1997

Book 6 in the Sean Dillon series.
Many years ago Jake Cazalet saved the life of a beautiful French countess. A short but passionate affair ensued. Years later, Cazalet learns he has a daughter but for the sake of her husband, the true parentage was kept quiet. Now he is the President and someone has kidnapped her.

14 The White House Connection The White House Connection
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 1999

Book 7 in the Sean Dillon series.
With the elimination of the Sons of Erin through systematic assassination, someone is hoping to exact a costly revenge. The deaths were coming on the heels of the most hopeful peace initiative for some time and were threatening to destroy this fragile hope for the region.

15 Day Of Reckoning Day Of Reckoning
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 2000

Book 8 in the Sean Dillon series.
To keep from being investigated by an American reporter, international crime figure Jack Fox strikes out and the woman is brutally killed. She is the ex-wife of Blake Johnson, special agent to the President. Blake and Sean Dillon go for revenge.

16 Edge Of Danger Edge Of Danger
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 2001

Book 9 in the Sean Dillon series.
The Rashid family is both a major force in the Arab world and nobility in England, giving them access to power in both worlds. When a major oil deal they started falls through, the Rashids want payment and they decide the President must die.

17 Midnight Runner Midnight Runner
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 2002

Book 10 in the Sean Dillon series.
The ultra-rich Kate Rashid watched each of her brothers killed by Sean Dillon and his companions and now she is determined to get revenge, usually all of her money and authority to do so.

18 Bad Company Bad Company
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 2003

Book 11 in the Sean Dillon series.
A diary is thought to exist that tells of a secret agreement between Hitler and Roosevelt. The discovery of the book could also bring down the current President so Sean Dillon and his friend Blake are determined to find it first.

19 Dark Justice Dark Justice
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 2004

Book 12 in the Sean Dillon series.
Tracing the source of a terrorist attack on the President, Sean Dillon and colleagues learn the instigator was a Russian billionaire, acting on orders from Putin himself.

20 Without Mercy Without Mercy
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 2005

Book 13 in the Sean Dillon series.
Determined to exact revenge for the death of a colleague, Sean Dillon and others start on a journey that will take them places they never expected and change their lives forever.

21 The Killing Ground The Killing Ground
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 2007

Book 14 in the Sean Dillon series.
The Hammer of God is another member of the Rashid family, back with a desire for revenge and a plan to kill General Ferguson. Along the way, though, the kidnapping of Rashid's cousin brings Sean Dillon into things.

22 Rough Justice Rough Justice
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 2008

Book 15 in the Sean Dillon series.
When Blake Johnson and a colleague are in Kosovo, they stop an atrocity and kill the ringleader. Now the rest of the group is out for their revenge against all of their friends. Unfortunately for them, that means Sean Dillon.

23 A Darker Place A Darker Place
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 2009

Book 16 in the Sean Dillon series.
A famous Russian writer approaches Ferguson with a desire to come to England and reveal the corruption that is the Putin adminstration. What Sean Dillon and his group do not know until it is too late is the writer is still working for Putin.

24 The Wolf At The Door The Wolf At The Door
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 2010

Book 17 in the Sean Dillon series.
An assassin under the pay of the President of Russia, anxious to get even with Ferguson and team, also has a desire to get rid of Major Miller, now a friend of Sean Dillon.

25 The Judas Gate The Judas Gate

Copyright: 2011

Book 18 in the Sean Dillon series.
A video of a fight in Afghanistan which resulted in the deaths of American Army Rangers and British medical workers shows that a good number of opposing Taliban forces were British. Sean Dillon is sent there to find the truth.

26 A Devil Is Waiting A Devil Is Waiting
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 2012

Book 19 in the Sean Dillon series.
A mullah is offering a blessing to any Moslem who assassinates the President during his visit to London and it falls to General Ferguson's unit to stop all comers which means he is relying on Sean Dillon to do what he does best.

27 The Death Trade The Death Trade
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 2013

Book 20 in the Sean Dillon series.
An Iranian scientist has made a major breakthrough in his country's nuclear research but he fears what the leaders will do with the power. It falls to Sean Dillon and his friends to find a way to keep the scientist and his family alive while stopping the progress of the research.

28 Rain On The Dead Rain On The Dead
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 2014

Book 21 in the Sean Dillon series.
Two Chechen mercenaries are hired to sneak onto Nantucket to kill former President Jake Cazalet. Luckily for him, he is being visited by Sean Dillon. Dillon, after eliminating the threat, is curious how the attackers got as far as they did.

29 The Midnight Bell The Midnight Bell
Written by Jack Higgins
Copyright: 2016

Book 22 in the Sean Dillon series.
"In Ulster, Northern Ireland, a petty criminal kills a woman in a drunken car crash. Her sons swear revenge. In London, Sean Dillon and his colleagues in the ‘Prime Minister’s private army’, fresh from defeating a deadly al-Qaeda operation, receive a warning: ‘You may think you have weakened us, but you have only made us stronger.’ In Washington, D.C., a special projects director with the CIA, frustrated at not getting permission from the President for his daring anti-terrorism plan, decides to put it in motion anyway. Soon, the ripples from these events will meet and overlap, creating havoc in their wake. Desperate men will act, secrets will be revealed – and the midnight bell will toll."


One of the very first series that I entered into the compendium nearly two decades ago was the terrific one by Jack Higgins about former IRA enforcer extorted into being a British agent, Sean Dillon. Over the course of 21 adventures I enjoyed the heck out of the stories, even when the veteran storyteller began to switch into a sort of Dragnet - just the facts, ma'am - style. I loved the ever-enjoyable Dillon.

Someone I did not grow to 'love' but enjoyed was Dillon's boss - Brigadier General Charles Ferguson.

I did not come to realize until many years later when a fellow spy fan pointed it out that Ferguson had other books with him in it playing a vital role. Investigating, I found it was indeed true so here, many years later, the manipulative but interesting Brigadier gets his own page.


My Grade: B


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