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Full Name: Jude Wyland
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Private Investigator

Creator: S. W. Vaughn
Time Span: 2017 - 2017


Jude Wyland is a private investigator.

He used to be an operative for the CIA but that ended, in his opinion, quite badly and now he is far more content (well, less unhappy) earning a living as a PI. He had worked for the Agency for just shy of a decade and would have been more than willing to put in his 20 with them if it had not been for the unfortunate event that made him want to leave; unfortunate for him but deadly for his partner at the time.

Prior to his nine years working for the folks at Langley, Wyland had put in four years as a Marine. Between the two careers, his daily habits were pretty well ingrained, some of which worked nicely for his new career as a private eye and some, like getting up at 6 am every day flew in opposition to a PI's penchant for night work.

When we first meet him he had been away from the CIA for half a year and was working hard to stay off any real radar in order to keep them from locating him. He left them, not the other way around. They still wanted him and would take him back immediately if he gave them a chance; he was just determined to not do so. At 33 years of age and still in excellent shape - a Marine would not have it any other way - and with his years of experience, his desirability was understandable.

Wyland's presence in this compendium is caused by the fact that though he had definitely and permanently left the CIA, it had obviously not left him and would come calling for 'a favor'. The fact that that request would be in line with his new profession would make it easier to grudgingly agree but then again, it is very hard to say no to the Agency.

Good Lines:
- "Most teenage boys were made out of hormones and awkwardness."
- "Nine years in the CIA learning exactly what the government was capable of had instilled a healthy sense of survival-based paranoia."


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2017

Both this book and the prequel novella listed below were originally released under the pseudonym of "Blake Dixon".

1 The Black Directive The Black Directive
Written by S. W. Vaughn
Copyright: 2017

"Three years ago, former black ops agent Jude Wyland got the hell out of the CIA. So far out, they could never find him. Or so he thought...
Today, the CIA deputy director is standing at his door with a mission he can't refuse. One that dredges up the worst of his dark past and throws it in his face.
The young daughter of a politician has been kidnapped. The demands have been set, the countdown begun. A group of ruthless mercenaries is involved in a twisted plot to buy the next election at any cost -- including a child's life."
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2017

1 Deadly Measures Deadly Measures
Written by S. W. Vaughn
Copyright: 2017

"After the violent death of his partner drove him out of the CIA, former black ops agent Jude Wyland is struggling to return to civilian life. Opportunity knocks when an old high school friend learns about his past and asks for his help finding her aunt.
Problem is, she isn't actually missing. But Jude's friend believes the woman who came back from a two-month work leave isn't the same one who left -- and something terrible happened to her real aunt."
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This is an enjoyable albeit very short (one novella and one book) about a private eye who used to be a spy and whom the CIA still likes to call upon.  The writing is solid and the stories are fast reads.

I am surprised that the author has not yet followed those two tales with another else. Perhaps life has gotten in the way - it has a habit of doing just that.

Another gumshoe/spook tale would be welcome as Wyland has some interesting takes of his life and the life that he once lived, not to mention the fact that that old life keeps interfering with his new one.


My Grade: B


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