Writing as: Sonya Bateman, Blake Dixon, S. W. Vaughn

According to the bio on Amazon: "S.W. Vaughn lives in "scenic" Central New York, with its two glorious seasons -- winter and road construction -- along with her husband and son. An award-winning author, copywriter, and blogger, she's been writing professionally for over 15 years."

Series Books
Sonya Bateman
Other Master of None [Gavyn Donatti] (2010)
  Master and Apprentice [Gavyn Donatti] (2011)
  Getaway, The [Gavyn Donatti] (2011)
  Demon's Song (2014)
  Wrong Side of Hell [DeathSpeaker Codex] (2016)
  Fields of Blood [DeathSpeaker Codex] (2016)
  Realm of Mirrors [DeathSpeaker Codex] (2016)
  Return of the Hunters [DeathSpeaker Codex] (2016)
  City of Secrets [DeathSpeaker Codex] (2016)
  Prison of Horrors [DeathSpeaker Codex] (2016)
  Divine Wrath (2016)
  Dance of the Dead [DeathSpeaker Codex] (2017)
  Teach Me To Die (2017)
  In the Shadow of Dragons (2017)
  The Cursing Stones [Avalon Rising] (2017)
  Son of a Glitch (2018)
  The Scrolls of Gideon [DeathSpeaker Codex] (2018)
  Master of Elements [Gavyn Donatti] (2018)
  Dark of the Moon [DeathSpeaker Codex] (2019)
  Hand of the God [DeathSpeaker Codex] (2019)
  Risen Bones, The [Avalon Rising] (2020)
  Heart of Stone [DeathSpeaker Codex] (2020)
  Well of Souls, The [DeathSpeaker Codex] (2022)
S. W. Vaughn
Jude Wyland The Black Directive (2017)
  Deadly Measures (ss) (2017)
Other Broken Angel [House Phoenix] (2003)
  Skin Deep [Fae] (2009)
  Hunted (2009)
  Heartsong [Fae] (2010)
  Devil's Honor [House Phoenix] (2010)
  Mask of the Serpent [House Phoenix] (2010)
  Shades of Black (House Phoenix] (2010)
  The Twins (2010)
  Unforgiven [Fae] (2011)
  Possession (2011)
  My Soul To Save (2012)
  Fire on the Mountain (2012)
  Red (2013)
  The Boy Who Never Was (2014)
  Terminal Consent (2015)
  Breaking Angel (2016)
  Wicked Origins (House Phoenix] (2017)
  Promises to Keep (2018)
  The Life She Stole (2018)
  The Crossed Hearts Killer (2021)
  The Night She Was Taken (2022)
  Kill Switch (2911)