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Full Name: Jessie McIntyre
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Joseph Castagno
Time Span: 2017 - 2022


Jessie McIntyre is an agent with the CIA.

She will be, at any rate, not too long after we first meet her. Before her new employers offer her a change in careers, she is a former U.S. Army Ranger working for a private corporation named Thompson Security "providing VIP security services". Having left the military with a rank of Major, it is said that the company was intelligently using "her rank purposely wanting to impress [folks with] her military background". Considering her background, experience, and impressive skillset, that is neither surprising nor upsetting.

One important aspect to that training is her holding the highest military marksmanship rating while in the Rangers; that and the fact that out of a long history never went anywhere without her pistol, "not even the gym". As we are shown this has saved her life on more than one occasions and it does so again when we first meet her. In that case she was returning to her hotel room from exercising when she noticed her door open, heard "the soft spit of a suppressed shot", saw her boyfriend, Tom, fall to the floor, and immediately pulled her piece and ends the threat to her with two in the assailant's chest.

Her preparedness and her instinctive response to danger are two vital elements to take from that scenario. So is the fact that seeing her lover dying on the floor, she hurriedly packed her small belongings, took another last look at him, and then left the area. McIntyre would be the first to admit that deep affections for someone was not a common occurrence.

McIntyre is 34 years old at the initial meeting. She stands a tad taller than most women at 5'10" and while she is said to have inherited her mother's blue eyes and brown hair, "the 135 pounds of lean muscle were all hers, earned in the gym every day". "She had left the service eighteen months earlier; ten years had been enough for her once it became obvious there were just some barriers women were never going to overcome. She had applied to "Q" school two consecutive years hoping to be the first woman to join the Special Forces and wear the beret, but the Army had made it clear it wasn't going to happen. No question she had achieved beyond anyone's expectation and was an excellent soldier, but she finally got the message."

Her job at Thompson was a lucrative one and the frequent first class travel a nice perk but she was quickly finding after just over a year her career was largely providing "personal security services for celebrities and the world's super rich [which] rarely required protecting them from anything more dangerous than themselves".

That is why when the Agency came to visit her and offered a new career, she showed little resistance.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2022

1 Traffic Traffic
Written by Joseph Castagno
Copyright: 2017

Jessie McIntyre reacted with her usual efficiency when she found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. That made her a target for the Eastern European mob up to its neck in human trafficking. They want her dead for daring to strike back. She reciprocates the feeling and with the help of a retired CIA agent takes the fight to the enemy.
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2 Azrael Azrael
Written by Joseph Castagno
Copyright: 2018

Jessie McIntyre had a career in the CIA very much on the rise having her first assignment ending with the elimination of an international human trafficker. Then the Director handed her a file with the single name "AZRAEL" on it. The name with that codename was an assassin with an amazing kill record and as yet no one had come close to finding him, let alone stopping him. McIntyre's order were simple: "Do whatever it takes but find this assassin…"
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3 Synthesis Synthesis
Written by Joseph Castagno
Copyright: 2019

When a woman named Lily Ling died of an overdose, the fact that she was the girlfriend of the leading scientist at a major pharmaceutical company made everyone suspect an accident. Jessie McIntyre is not convinced and asks both the CIA and the FBI to look into the death but without evidence against the corporation, they are not interested. McIntyre is determined to get that proof.
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4 Fission Fission
Written by Joseph Castagno
Copyright: 2022

Jessie McIntyre is given the mission of tracking missing North Korean weapons grade plutonium. This search will take her to China and then to Russia and then even to Eastern Europe but will also involve a group of organized American dissidents calling themselves the Faction. They had grown strong in the protests in the American Northwest and were now looking for an even bigger platform.
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I really enjoy reading about characters who know what they want and go after it. Such is the case with Jessie McIntyre who wanted to stay in the Army and go into the Special Forces but when that path was denied her, she went her own way. Then the CIA came calling and she got to do the same sort of thing she might have with the military but was getting paid better. That last was my thought, not hers.

Really well written action adventure series here for your enjoyment with four tales already and maybe, hopefully, more on the way.


My Grade: B+


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