1965 -

Writing as: Joseph Castagno

According to the bio on Amazon: "Born in Manhattan in 1965 Joseph Castagno is the son of a second generation Italian American father. His mother's family were mixed heritage people: Indigenous Haudenosaunee, French, some of the earliest Dutch settlers of the Hudson Valley. Growing up with such a multicultural heritage provided him with a view of both the immigrant experience, a perspective on the founding principles and ideals of the United States as well as the original teachings and ways of Northeastern Indigenous people. Having lived all over the United States Joseph has a broad perspective on US society and the variety of social values and customs that make up this great country. He currently resides in Florida with his wife Tammy, having raised four children they are now enjoying their grandchildren. His passion for reading and writing he led him to publish a number of articles in local papers and magazines. After a long career in healthcare he published his first novel "Jake" in 2016 drawing on his experiences and observations living in the Southeast and Florida the sequel "Peakeville" was released in November 2017. His novels "Traffic" - "Azrael" and "Synthesis are international thrillers starring his heroine Jessie McIntyre. He is hard at work on his next Jessie McIntyre novel and spoiling his grand children!"

Series Books
Jessie McIntyre Traffic (2017)
  Azrael (2018)
  Synthesis (2019)
  Fission (2022)
Other Jake (2016)
  Peakeville [Jake Book} (2017)