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Full Name: Steve Rawlings
Series Name: The Forgotten Man Series
Codename: Stiletto
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Hostage Rescue

Creator: Marcus Miller
Time Span: 2017 - 2022


Steve Rawlings is a kidnap recovery expert.

He got his start in that line of work as a young man. When his parents and siblings died in a car accident when he was fifteen and living in Oregon, he ran off rather than go into the foster system. Being tall and broad for his age, he was able to work as an itinerant farm and ranch hand throughout the West, working his way slowly south until he eventually reached Mexico City. There a run-in with muggers out for his last few pesos saw him take down three before the Federales showed up. Rawlings was grabbed by two American strangers out to keep him from prison.

That rescue took him to Guatemala where he went to work for a private military unit where the jobs took him "into bad places throughout Central and South America and the Caribbean to deal with bad people. Our work included taking down the private criminal gangs of third world dictators, a lot of them communists, but all of them crooked! But we also took on jobs retrieving kidnap victims, wealthy businessmen or their families that had been snatched for profit, a very big business in those countries, even today, but overall, we went after bad actors doing bad things to good people."

Rawlings would stay in that line of work until he was in his late thirties. After that, his life got rather strange and he made a few wrong choices, including marriages to two different "nice girls" who did not stay nice to him for long. The second such union resulted in three children who took their mother's side in the divorce so when we actually meet Rawlings, he is back to his itinerant days.

After an interesting small war on behalf of a Wyoming ranch couple going up against a greedy mining company with some very unpleasant associations with enemies of the U.S., the 6'2" Rawlings will find himself back, at age 58, in working with the American government to combat those who would use kidnapping as but a stepping stone to even nastier plans. He may have gotten older but his recent life as a ranchhand has kept him in terrific shape, which is a good thing considering the unpleasant folks he would soon be going up against.

As Rawlings tells us, "my call sign is Stiletto, given to me years ago because I have a proclivity to using sharp objects in my work. A guy once told me I was the type of person who liked to smell the fear on the people I went after, up close and personal, you might say."


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2022

1 The Forgotten Man The Forgotten Man
Written by Marcus Miller
Copyright: 2017

Living the life of an itinerant ranch-hand, Steve Rawlings hires on to a couple's Wyoming spread. He soon learns that a rival wanting to buy their ranch had scared off all the other hands and they were close to losing everything to the banks. The land is secretly worth billions to a disreputable mining company and they would do anything to get hold of it, including murder. When Rawlings is pushed hard to leave, he pushes back and that is when he learns there is more than mining involved - the security of the country is in danger.
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2 The Ghost Operator The Ghost Operator
Written by Marcus Miller
Copyright: 2017

A truck bomb in London destroys a quarter-square-mile of the city killing thousands. Certain more explosions are to come, experts are brought in to track the terrorists and stop them. One of those experts is Steve Rawlings, repaying his debt for the help provided in the previous adventure. The new mission will prove to be the biggest that the experienced man had ever faced.
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3 Call Sign Stiletto Call Sign Stiletto
Written by Marcus Miller
Copyright: 2018

The kidnapping in Central America of an American professor with some impressive contacts high up in the government gets Steve Rawlings, kidnap recovery expert, brought in to go up against the savage MS-13 gang which has up its game by joining with Middle Eastern terrorists on a plot for which the kidnapped man is just a part.
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4 The Caldera Abduction The Caldera Abduction
Written by Marcus Miller
Copyright: 2019

The disappearance of women and children from various National Parks all over the U.S. has gotten the attention of the government and it has brought in kidnap recovery expert Steve Rawlings. He will expose a long-running scheme by Chinese triads to fill a human trafficking pipeline with these snatched people. Stopping it will take Rawlings deep into Mexico and Central America. Aiding Rawlings' determination is the capture of an old friend of his.
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5 Predators' Highway Predators' Highway
Written by Marcus Miller
Copyright: 2022

A particularly nasty and frightening scheme by Mexican drug cartels, working with enemies of the U.S., is to kidnap thousands of schoolchildren as well as addict millions by putting fentanyl into the nation's food system. Behind it all is China with a plan to make the States just a hungry customer for their synthetic drug.
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The protagonist of this series is a very dangerous and scary guy, which is bad for those he goes up against and would definitely not be on my invite list should I ever decide to throw a party - unless I was worries about other dangerous and scary people showing up invited. Then I would want Rawlings on my side as I moved well out of the danger zone.

Which considering the mayhem that Rawlings gets involved with would be a wide area.

The writing style the author uses for these stories is really fun to read - Rawlings talks to us in a straightforward, intelligent way and sets the scene with no wasted words, letting us in and getting right to whatever trouble he is going to present. Conversations are realistic and quite often what Rawlings has to say is very enjoyable to read.


My Grade: B


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