Writing as: Marcus Miller

According to the bio on Amazon: "In 1967 Marcus ran away from home and traveled across the U.S. and Central and South America, eventually living in the Caribbean. Working for a private military contractor, Marcus spent twenty-two years rescuing kidnap victims from Colombia and the Caribbean Basin. A firearms instructor, self-defense, edged weapons instructor, cowboy, sailor, and scuba diving instructor, he brings real-world skills to his writing. Currently, the author of eleven published novels and numerous short stories, he is sixty-six years old and travels across the U.S. in an RV."

Series Books
Steve Rawlings The Forgotten Man (2017)
  The Ghost Operator (2017)
  Call Sign Stiletto (2018)
  The Caldera Abduction (2019)
  Predators' Highway (2022)
Other Slave Tracks (2017)
  The Redemption Wall (2017)
  Behind the Mask (2020)
  The Redeemers Vow (2020)
  Crossroads Texas (2021)
  Not a Victim: Lessons in Survival [NF] (2022)