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Full Name: John Crane
Nationality: American
Organization: Hurricane Group
Occupation Agent

Creator: Mark Parragh
Time Span: 2016 - 2022


John Crane is an agent for a billionaire.

That is a very unique category for employer in this compendium. There are several operatives, or groups of operatives, who work for an organization headed by a mega-rich man, or men, but to say a fellow worked for a wealthy man straight out is uncommon. No corporation. No cool (or not so cool) acronym. Just a man.

That man is Josh Sulenski, an Internet billionaire who made a scad load of money by creating a very fancy algorithm that rich people and huge corporations used to predict likely changes in the stock market a handful of seconds before they happened. All very upper atmosphere sort of stuff. But it did leave this 26 years old man extremely well off and he started buying companies that he could either shore up and then sell for even more money or keep in his orbit and make more money.

Along the way this Sulenski decided there were times when he saw something that needed fixing, something that a trained resourceful operative backed by Sulenski's money and his companies might be able to help. And that is where Crane comes in.

Crane had been, after likely an amount of time in the military, selected to be part of a highly select government department known as the Hurricane Group. This covert operation was so hidden, its budget and administrative personnel were attached to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. After an extended period of training, Crane had just completed his second mission when apparent political squabbling saw the dissolution of the group. Highly skilled and fairly experienced Crane was out of work.

He could have taken a desk job. He could have shopped his talents and impressive resume to other agencies always on the lookout for talent like his. He could have searched the Internet for the many positions like that in the private sector.

He went to Key West to chill out.

Which is where Sulenski found him and offered him a position handling little jobs here and there that might require a bit more of a personal touch. "Crane reminded himself that Josh came from a different world. He'd hired a former government field agent with the idealistic notion that he and Crane would protect the innocent and save the world. But even as he sent Crane out to do battle, Josh seemed surprised that they were up against enemies who would fight back, and fight dirty."

Crane would quickly find that he liked the money he made, liked the work he was asked to do, liked the good feeling he got from helping people, and actually liked his boss.

Good Lines:
- "The fact that Crane reluctantly agreed with [his boss, Josh] didn't make it any less annoying that Josh kept coming up with risky missions and leaving Crane to execute them."
- As Crane insists on driving, and more importantly not letting his billionaire boss drive, a Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce while they were in the Canadian Rockies, Crane explains, "This thing was built from the ground up to kill rich people."


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2022

1 Rope On Fire Rope On Fire
Written by Mark Parragh
Copyright: 2016

"On only his second mission for the top secret Hurricane Group, the U.S. Government suddenly shuts Hurricane down, leaving Crane an agent without an agency. Adrift in Key West, he's approached by Internet billionaire Josh Sulenski, who asks him to find out why one of his charitable projects is under attack deep in Puerto Rico's rain forest. Crane finds himself battling corrupt police officers and drug smugglers with no authority and no backup. For the first time, he's on his own."
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2 Wrecker Wrecker
Written by Mark Parragh
Copyright: 2016

"In Baja California to check in on a friend’s daughter, Crane becomes involved in the search for a missing girl and crosses swords with the narcissistic American expat suspected of taking her. Meanwhile, back home, Josh Sulenski’s kindness to a former mentor draws him into a dark conspiracy that strikes closer to home than he ever expected. Josh will learn that if you set out to fight evil, sooner or later, evil hits back."
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2.5 John Crane: Double Tap John Crane: Double Tap
Written by Mark Parragh
Copyright: 2022

Two action-packed John Crane adventures in one collection. The stories are:
Bird Dogs
Pledged Assets

3 Shot Clock Shot Clock
Written by Mark Parragh
Copyright: 2019

"The world's elites gather at a remote luxury hotel deep in the Canadian Rockies to plot the course of the planet.
Agent John Crane is tasked to monitor who shows up and who's talking to whom. But someone else has a very different agenda, and the conference is a carefully laid trap."
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4 Aftershocks Aftershocks
Written by Mark Parragh
Copyright: 2019

"As the Myria Group’s resident technical genius, Georges Benly Akema armed agent Crane with sophisticated weapons and gadgets and sent him out to battle the evils he couldn’t defeat on his own. He thought he’d found a new place in the world and put the past behind him. But Crane’s world is a dangerous place to be, especially when Georges is lured out of his workshop and into the field. And the past is never really gone. The effects of that one brief, savage moment linger and spread, warping lives years later and halfway around the world.
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Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2016

1 Bird Dogs Bird Dogs
Written by Mark Parragh
Copyright: 2016

"Seeking clues to decipher a trove of coded secrets, Crane follows a former gigolo to Buenos Aires, but soon discovers he's not the only one following his target. Crane's new ally has her own agenda, and soon Crane must decide how to play his cards in a game where no one is quite who they seem, and someone has to lose."
Originally published as a stand-alone novella and later combined in John Crane: Double Tap.
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2 Pledged Assets Pledged Assets
Written by Mark Parragh
Copyright: 2016

"Crane forges a cautious alliance with the enigmatic and ruthless woman known as Swift and follows her to Venice, where the information he needs is sealed in the vaults of a centuries-old underworld bank. Undercover on an isolated island, surrounded by enemies who will kill him if his identity is revealed, and pursued by the seductive wife of his dangerous host, Crane must find a way into a seemingly impenetrable vault, and escape the island with his life."
Published in collection John Crane: Double Tap.


This is a very fast-reading, fast-action series about a man of action. As such, the reader is going to get a ton of exciting things happening all around, some maybe not so plausible but a bunch of fun nevertheless.

One aspect I particularly enjoyed was that working for a private citizen, albeit a very rich one, Crane can get hold of a bunch of cool toys to play with but not the protection of any kind of authority. Of course, in foreign countries where the "disavow any knowledge" doctrine might have come in, that does not really make a lot of difference but back home, it really kinda does.

I liked Crane a bunch. I had a blast reading his adventures.


My Grade: B+


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