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Full Name: Mike Farrah
Nationality: British
Organization: SAS
Occupation Agent

Creator: John MacRae
Time Span: 2016 - 2018


Mike Farrah is an officer with the British SAS.

He has been one for a few years already by the time we meet him in his first recorded adventure. He had been surprised as a young man just out of 'the local comprehensive' and eager to sign up for Her Majesty's Army to learn from the recruiter that he would make an excellent officer and so, after passing all the exams, was admitted to Sandhurst to begin his training. There it was learned that he was particularly good with languages, especially Arabic, and that meant heading to the Intelligence Corps. 

More specifically, it was with the vaunted SAS that Farrah would make himself known after a tour in Iraq and another straight away in Afghanistan. Now, in his mid-20s, Farrah is being given a chance to answer to his 'yes' check next to the box volunteering for Special Operations work.

Farrah is the son of a Lebanonese Druze salesman who had grown up in Cairo and on one of his trips to London on business had met an English woman. They fell in love and got married and soon young Farrah came along. The boy would spend most of his summers with his grandparents in Cairo so his grasp of Arabic was truly as a native. Coupled with the swarthy Mediterranean coloring inherited from his father, he could easily pass off as an Arab anywhere he went. His bright blue eyes might be troublesome but there were covers for that.

And that is how Farrah, described as a "tall, tanned Arab with a trim little beard and moustache outlining a hard face, all cheekbones and surprisingly blue eyes" came be working for the SIS. It seemed that organization was in urgent, immediate need for a devilishly handsome operative who could speak Arabic as a native and pretend to be a multimillionaire to charm and woo and seduce the daughter of a major terrorist money-handler. 

Farrah modestly acknowledged he had the looks and he certainly had the language skills but pretending to be very rich and sophisticated? He was not so sure. And being a shoe-in to literally charm the pants off a woman he had yet to meet? There he was very much not so confident.

Good Line:
- Said by Farrah's handler about those in the spy business, "We are all conmen in this game."


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2018

1 In The Name Of The Queen In The Name Of The Queen
Written by John MacRae
Copyright: 2016

A terrorist mastermind is in hiding. His daughter, who knows where he is, is currently living it up in Cairo. Mike Farrah of the SAS, who has the ability to pass as an Arab, is picked to head there to meet and seduce her. First, though, he "must master the Arabian art of love".
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2 The Whitehall Steps The Whitehall Steps
Written by John MacRae
Copyright: 2018

Mike Farrah has left the military and is now a civilian. He is not done with the intelligence work, however, as he is offered an undercover job spying on a group of ISIS terrorists at Westminster University. Befriending a young woman in the group who is betrayed her colleagues ends up bad for both of them; she is found with her throat slit and Farrah is the prime suspect. And not only are the police after him, the terrorists want his head as well.
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Quite often when I finish a book, I am left with a satisfied feeling, especially when it has a good ending. On the first book of this series, I was left with a really big grin on my face. I liked how the whole book went and I loved how it ended. It made me pleased to move on to the next one. That one was not so shabby, either.

Farrah is a terrific character, presented with just enough humor to make me smile now and then but not so much as to make me think it a comedy. Farrah can be a very serious fellow when he needs to be but he does have a strong sense of humor.


My Grade: A-


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