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Full Name: Ian Bragg
Nationality: American
Organization: The Peace Archive
Occupation Agent

Creator: Craig Martelle
Time Span: 2020 - 2023


Ian Bragg is an agent with the Peace Archive.

That is a very, very odd name for the organization that Bragg works for, or at least with. The Archive part in itself is a bit peculiar because that would connotate a repository for preservation and that does not sound at all like what the group does. The Peace part is the beguiling word as that is the last word I would associate with the organization, unless I thought of 'rest in peace'. The Peace Archive handles death contracts.

Bragg is an assassin. As he puts it, "I kill bad people for money". He does clarifies both parts of that statement with, "Not a lot of people but a lot of money".

He lets us know in the opening statement of the first recorded adventure that he enjoys his work. "I get to do what they wouldn't let me do in the Marines. Rid the world of bad people." And he gets well paid for his work in the process. By the time we meet him he has executed (pun intended) six contracts and was a multi-millionaire.

Bragg does admit that the name of the company he takes contracts from is "a name that misled. A clearinghouse for hired killers." He has no idea if there is any criteria for which contracts the Peace Archive accepts and then puts up for bid by the contractors like Bragg but Bragg himself has a personal code. He will only bid on jobs where he feels the target deserves what is coming. Luckily for his financial well-being, there are plenty of those around.

As a freelance assassin per se, Bragg would not qualify for membership in this compendium except that his work interconnects with governments enough, both for and against, to warrant admission. This holds especially true with the first target he is given after we meet him, a man who was thought to be a bad guy but then turned out to be good, and about whom not killing him will be a major turning point in Bragg's life. Even more so when that man later becomes the Vice President.

By the way, Ian Bragg is not his real name. What that is, I have not yet learned. Bragg was "my operator cover, the name on my identification. It had not yet been compromised. I'd get a new one if it became public with the wrong people."

Playing a major role in the life of Ian Bragg, so much so I almost gave her title credit, is Jenny Lawless. What a remarkable woman she turns out to be!

Good Line:
Bragg's thoughts concerning himself, "I'm a nice guy. I keep telling myself that. It's easy to believe, except for the day job [assassin]. Aren't we told our job shouldn't define us?"


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2023

1 The Operator The Operator
Written by Craig Martelle
Copyright: 2020

"Is his newest target deserving of death? Who is Ian to decide if the politician needs to die? The one who has to live with the consequences, that's who.
Time is short as the contract deadline nears. Too many unknowns, too many cameras, too much to lose.
Ian makes his own rules when he has to get out of a quandary where it's more than just his life on the line."
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2 A Clean Kill A Clean Kill
Written by Craig Martelle
Copyright: 2020

"Ian Bragg is thrust into a world in between. An operator AND a manager.
Can he teach morality to professional hit men?
Know when a target needs to be taken down and when to walk away.
What happens when operators get together? One place. One time.
Will any of them live to see a new day?"
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3 The Replacement The Replacement
Written by Craig Martelle
Copyright: 2021

"Ian Bragg returns to his roots while trying to manage from the top. Too much of one and not enough of the other.
Change is constant as it trips up those who are trying to move forward. Those with work to do, important, hard work.
When their cover is blown, Ian and Jenny have to fend for themselves while trying to get the Archive’s contracts back on track. They fight an uphill battle against an establishment that both loathes them and needs them.
When Ian and Jimmy Tripplethorn cross paths once again, will anyone escape unscathed?"
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4 A Fatal Bragg A Fatal Bragg
Written by Craig Martelle
Copyright: 2021

"Marines are being murdered - and it takes someone outside the government to fix the problem.
It's a race against the clock to dismantle a group that's been in place for years.
They're well-funded, too and armed with weapons they shouldn't have.
Authorities are stymied. Ian and Jenny Bragg are not so constrained."
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5 The Tower The Tower
Written by Craig Martelle
Copyright: 2023

Ian and Jenny Bragg are called to a meeting by those who are paid to deliver justice. Some call them assassins. Others call them hitmen. Ian knows them as operators. Market share is about taking business from others. A zero sum game. The Peace Archive is growing, and it’s making the wrong people uncomfortable. Ian Bragg didn’t get where he was because of fear. Intimidation wouldn’t work on him. He wants to define the lanes in the road with those who see themselves as his competitors. He wants them as collaborators so he wouldn't have to keep looking over his shoulder.
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The very, very prolific (and obviously quite busy) author, Craig Martelle, is primarily known for his outstanding science fiction adventure series, of which there are a good number. It is awesome that he has taken the time to pen two different spy-fi series among his many other accomplishments.

One of those is today's series. It is one whose main characters I got a really big hoot out of. He is an assassin who would like to be liked but who also likes to get his job done. It must be tricky to be friendly and murderous at the same time - I wouldn't know from personal experience.

As a guy who likes an occasional sci-fi series, I have to admit to some waffling - should I want more sci-fi or more spy-fi from this man? I think spy-fi, but of course, it is his imagination so he will decide.


My Grade: B+


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