Writing as: Craig Martelle

According to the bio on his website: "I’m retired from the Marine Corps, spending time both as enlisted and as an officer. Then I went to law school, took my law degree into business consulting where I became a business diagnostics specialist and leadership coach. I retired from that at age 52 because I was away from home way too much. That’s when I started writing full time, and I have not looked back since.

This is a great ride!

I have a variety of stories now since I’ve been at this for a little while, lots of short stories so you can see if you like my style. I have a number of best selling novels in categories that matter to me – space opera, military scifi, Space Marine, colonization, and genetic engineering. As a serial daydreamer, it’s nice to finally get the stories on paper (virtual and digital paper, that is)."

Series Books
Rick Banik People Raged And The Sky Was On Fire (2016)
  Loss Of Power (2022)
Ian Bragg The Operator (2020)
  A Clean Kill (2020)
  The Replacement (2021)
  A Fatal Bragg (2021)
  The Tower (2023)
Other Nightwalker (with Frank Roderus) [Nightwalker] (2015)
  Nomad Found (with Michael Anderle) [Kurtherian Gambit] (2016)
  It's Not Enough To Just Exist (2016)
  Free the North! [Free Trader] (2016)
  Free Trader On the High Seas [Free Trader] (2016)
  Cygnus Rising: Humanity Returns to Space [Cygnus Space Opera] (2016)
  Cygnus Expanding: Humanity Fights for Freedom [Cygnus Space Opera] (2016)
  Battle for the Amazon [Free Trader] (2016)
  Adventures On Rv Traveler [Free Trader] (2016)
  The Free Trader of Planet VII [Free Trader] (2016)
  The Free Trader of Warren Deep [Free Trader] (2016)
  Nomad's Force (with Michael Anderle) [Kurtherian Gambit] (2017)
  Nomad Unleashed (with Michael Anderle) [Kurtherian Gambit] (2017)
  Nomad Supreme (with Michael Anderle) [Kurtherian Gambit] (2017)
  Nomad Redeemed (with Michael Anderle) [Kurtherian Gambit] (2017)
  Nomad Mortis (with Michael Anderle) [Kurtherian Gambit] (2017)
  Nomad Avenged (with Michael Anderle) [Kurtherian Gambit] (2017)
  Gateway To The Universe (with Michael Anderle) [Age of Expansion] (2017)
  Cygnus Arrives: Humanity Returns Home [Cygnus Space Opera] (2017)
  Blockade (with Michael Anderle) [Age of Expansion : Bad Company] (2017)
  Assignment Darklanding (with Scott Moon) [Darklanding] (2017)
  Nomad's Fury (with Michael Anderle) [Kurtherian Gambit] (2017)
  Nomad's Galaxy (with Michael Anderle) [Kurtherian Gambit] (2017)
  Nomad's Journal (with Michael Anderle) [Kurtherian Gambit] (2017)
  Nomad's Justice (with Michael Anderle) [Kurtherian Gambit] (2017)
  The Bad Company (with Michael Anderle) [Age of Expansion] (2017)
  World's Worst Day Ever (with Michael Anderle and Jeff Morris) (2017)
  Liberation (with Michael Anderle) [Age of Expansion : Bad Company] (2018)
  Ike Shot the Sheriff (with Scott Moon) [Darklanding] (2018)
  Hunter (with Scott Moon) [Darklanding] (2018)
  Empire (with Scott Moon) [Darklanding] (2018)
  Diver Down (with Scott Moon) [Darklanding] (2018)
  Destroy The Corrupt [Age of Expansion] (2018)
  Boom Town (with Scott Moon) [Darklanding] (2018)
  An Unglok Murder (with Scott Moon) [Darklanding] (2018)
  A Warrior's Home (with Scott Moon) [Darklanding] (2018)
  Outlaws (with Scott Moon) [Darklanding] (2018)
  Price of Freedom (with Michael Anderle) [Age of Expansion] (2018)
  Race to the Finish (with Scott Moon) [Darklanding] (2018)
  Return to the Traveler [Free Trader] (2018)
  Runaway (with Scott Moon) [Darklanding] (2018)
  Sagcon (with Scott Moon) [Darklanding] (2018)
  Serial Killer [Age of Expansion] (2018)
  Southern Discontent [Free Trader] (2018)
  The Great Cat Rebellion [Free Trader] (2018)
  The Human Experiment (with Kevin McLaughlin) (2018)
  You Have Been Judged [Age of Expansion] (2018)
  Your Life Is Forfeit [Age of Expansion] (2018)
  Nightwalker 6 (with Frank Roderus) [Nightwalker] (2019)
  Nightwalker 5 (with Frank Roderus) [Nightwalker] (2019)
  Nightwalker 4 (with Frank Roderus) [Nightwalker] (2019)
  Nightwalker 3 (with Frank Roderus) [Nightwalker] (2019)
  Nightwalker 2 (with Frank Roderus) [Nightwalker] (2019)
  Fratricide [Age of Expansion] (2019)
  Dragon Wave (with Valerie Emerson) [Mystically Engineered] (2019)
  Dragon Redemption (with Valerie Emerson) [Mystically Engineered] (2019)
  Dragon Invasion (with Valerie Emerson) [Mystically Engineered] (2019)
  Discovery (with Michael Anderle) [Age of Expansion : Bad Company] (2019)
  Destroyer (with Michael Anderle) [Age of Expansion : Bad Company] (2019)
  Broken Arrow (with E E Isherwood) [End Days] (2019)
  Broad America (with E E Isherwood) [End Days] (2019)
  Blue Apocalypse (with E E Isherwood) [End Days] (2019)
  Begin Again (with E E Isherwood) [End Days] (2019)
  Red Is the Android (with James M Ward) (2019)
  Slave Trade [Age of Expansion] (2019)
  The Art of Smuggling [Age of Expansion] (2019)
  Nightwalker 8 (with Frank Roderus) [Nightwalker] (2020)
  Nightwalker 7 (with Frank Roderus) [Nightwalker] (2020)
  Mt Rushmore and the Black Hills [Couple's Travels] (2020)
  Monster Case Files Complete (omnibus) (with Kathryn Hearst) (2020)
  Krimson Surge (with Julia Huni) [Krimson Empire] (2020)
  Krimson Spark (with Julia Huni) [Krimson Empire] (2020)
  Krimson Run (with Julia Huni) [Krimson Empire] (2020)
  Krimson Flare (with Julia Huni) [Krimson Empire] (2020)
  Dispute [Age of Expansion] (2020)
  Adverse Possession [Age of Expansion] (2020)
  Overwhelming Force (with Michael Anderle) [Age of Expansion] (2020)
  Rise of the AI [Age of Expansion] (2020)
  Yellowstone [Couple's Travels] (2020)
  Messenger (with Brad R Torgersen) [Zenophobia ] (2021)
  Leviathan's War [Battleship: Leviathan] (2021)
  Leviathan's Last Battle [Battleship: Leviathan] (2021)
  Jack the Ripper [Age of Expansion] (2021)
  Heretic (with Brad R Torgersen) [Zenophobia ] (2021)
  Glory (with Ira Heinichen) [Glory] (2021)
  Egypt [Couple's Travels] (2021)
  Echo Ender (with Eden Wolfe) [Not Enough] (2021)
  Echo Chaser (with Eden Wolfe) [Not Enough] (2021)
  Echo Breaker (with Eden Wolfe) [Not Enough] (2021)
  Deception [Age of Expansion] (2021)
  Blood Trade [Age of Expansion] (2021)
  Black Heart of the Dragon God (with Jean Rabe) (2021)
  Beyond Alpha (with E E Isherwood) [End Days] (2021)
  Battleship Leviathan [Battleship: Leviathan] (2021)
  The Interview [Age of Expansion] (2021)
  Leviathan's Trial [Battleship: Leviathan] (2022)
  Leviathan Rises [Battleship: Leviathan] (2022)
  Humanity Fights Back (with Ira Heinichen) [Glory] (2022)
  Extremist (with Brad R Torgersen) [Zenophobia ] (2022)
  Bold Action (with E E Isherwood) [End Days] (2022)
  Say My Name [Age of Expansion] (2022)
  Succession [Age of Expansion] (2022)
  Fury [End Times Alaska (])
  Endure [End Times Alaska (])
  Return [End Times Alaska (])
  Run [End Times Alaska (])