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Full Name: Lexi Sobado
Nationality: American
Organization: Iniquus
Occupation Agent

Creator: Fiona Quinn
Time Span: 2014 - 2021


Lexi Sobado is an agent with Iniquus Security.

That organization is a private intelligence organization. It has a Latin motto, "Ubicumque, Quoties, Quidquid", which translates roughly to "Whenever, However, Whatever". Their description of work includes "our strength is unequaled, our tactics unfair - we stretch the law to its breaking point. We do whatever is necessary to bring the enemy down". We are told in a promo that the company is comprised of "ex-special forces" who "live, work, and love in a world of action adventure".

This would mean that Sobado is an odd-woman out part of the group as, at just shy of 20 years of age, she does not have the experience or training that her colleagues in the group can boast about. She does, though, have a unique talent that gives her an edge and makes her a valued part of the team.

Sobado is a psychic. Or at least she has a psychic gift that can prove to be quite helpful to an intelligence-gathering organization like Iniquus. She calls it "knowing". Sometimes words will pop into her head with a vengeance; "words illuminated my consciousness with vibrant colors and dizzying oscillations". They have been coming to her "frequently, since I was a little girl". At first they seemed to be "mostly bits of useless banality" like someone loving ice cream or someone else catching a cold. Over time, they grey to have more importance and significance. They cannot be summoned at will, they just come when they want, but when they do, she has learned quite well to pay heed to them and the people at Iniquus have as well.

Sobado may be a youngster compared to her colleagues in the organization and she may lack the military training that they do, though she had received a lot from her co-workers, but she has also proven to be a life-saver.

Regarding her relatively young age, a thought she expresses to herself rings particularly interesting, being a different take on an old like, when she muses, "I'm too young to be dealing with all this crap".


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2021

1 Weakest Lynx Weakest Lynx
Written by Fiona Quinn
Copyright: 2014

"20-year-old Lexi Sobado is a woman with a psychic gift caught in the middle of a sinister web of crime and corruption. The victim of a stalker, Lexi finds herself romantically entangled with the special agent charged with protecting her. Thing is, Lexi herself has worked for the intelligence community in the past. What she hides, what she reveals and what she keeps trying to uncover become the juggling act our heroine deals with as she tries to save her own life and stop the killer."
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2 Missing Lynx Missing Lynx
Written by Fiona Quinn
Copyright: 2015

"Lexi Sobado, code name Lynx, is settling into a new job at Iniquus. The new position is satisfying: sort the random puzzles her team hands her to solve the crimes, and, occasionally, support her team out in the field - planting transmitters, sleight-of-hand, cracking an occasional safe, but nothing that would call for daring deeds of do or die. At least that's how her contract reads. Sadly, Lexi's life doesn't ever follow her carefully laid plans. Spyder McGraw, Lexi's long time family-friend and mentor, shows up in the town, bringing more questions than answer. A new neighborhood - their pasts dangerously linked together. And her grief as Lexi mourns her late husband, Angel, tangles itself around her feelings for Striker Rheas. At work, at home, in her heart, Lexi can't seem to find the sense of peace and security that she craves."

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3 Chain Lynx Chain Lynx
Written by Fiona Quinn
Copyright: 2015

"Found in the debris of the plane wreck barely alive, Lexi is finally home. But home doesn't mean safe. Someone powerful, connected, and willing to kill is after her. Lexi Sobado, code name Lynx, is the young puzzling prodigy with a psychic gift, working for Iniquus. Her job is to support American security and safety, as she hunts through intelligence pieces in order to stop our enemies. This time, solving the puzzle means saving her own life. Rival group Omega has been contracted to bring her in dead or alive. Alive would mean rendition and interrogation."
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4 Cuff Lynx Cuff Lynx
Written by Fiona Quinn
Copyright: 2015

""No one knows what Lexi Sobado's real mission is. They probably wouldn't believe her even if she told them. But no matter what, she will succeed. Because her life-and the lives of millions of others-depends on it. Striker Rheas is this close to his happily ever after with Lexi. Until his past comes back to haunt him in a big way, that is. He been protecting people his whole life. But now, if he's not careful, he's the one who'll need saving..."
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5 Gulf Lynx Gulf Lynx
Written by Fiona Quinn
Copyright: 2019

"Lexi "Lynx" Sobado is overwhelmed. Between helping the FBI find a kidnapped scientist in war-torn Syria and her psychic ability tricking her into thinking her dead husband is communicating with her, she's got more than enough on her plate. But she's going to have to pull herself together fast because if her intel is right, the scientist has only days to live...
For once in his life, ex-Navy SEAL, Striker Rheas is helpless. Watching the woman he loves struggle with mental health is the hardest thing he's ever done. But even though it's killing him, all he can do now is be patient and hope that when she needs him, she'll open up and let him help.
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6 Hyper Lynx Hyper Lynx
Written by Fiona Quinn
Copyright: 2021

"If she fails, her whole team could be destroyed. Lexi "Lynx" Sabado is more than ready for her marriage with ex-SEAL Striker Rheas.
But getting her happily ever after is fraught with hurdles when her psychic abilities start going haywire, giving her vague warnings of impending danger. As it turns out, identifying threats can be overwhelming when everything and everyone is the potential source. The guy at the CIA who mistook her for her mom, the undercover work she's doing with the FBI, her dear friend's upcoming wedding where the Assemblymen will gather...the peril could be coming from any direction."
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This is a fun, easy-to-read romance spy series with the added twist of being a fair amount on the paranormal side of things with young Lexi Sobado being an earnest and eager new recruit to the public sector intelligence work who just also happens to be psychic. That last explains why a novice civilian is allowed to join a company made up of hardened, experienced former special forces operatives.

Romance is the underlying theme to these books but they do get a good deal of action so the books never drag. And Lexi, for her occasional faults, is a lot of fun to follow.


My Grade: B


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