Writing as: Fiona Quinn

According to the bio on her website: "I’m world traveled; I’ve ridden camels across Egypt, an elephant in Prague, and eaten horse in Moscow (sure wish I had Google Translate back then!) I’ve danced the jig in an Irish castle, hula-ed in O'ahu, and did some weird techno thingy in East Berlin (when there was still a wall).     

I have degrees out the yin-yang. I have B.A.s in History, Foreign Language, Psychology, (almost Art History), and an M.S. in Counseling from the Medical College of Virginia. I’m a Reiki Master/Teacher and Second Dan Tae Kwon Do Black Belt qualified.  

My paid jobs have been as far-reaching as being a governess and model in France to bridal florist. Marketing for the symphony to suicide/homicide intervention for the court system (although those might be closer together than farther apart). I've even been paid to scream - but that's a different story for another day."

Series Books
Lexi Sobado Weakest Lynx (2014)
  Missing Lynx (2015)
  Chain Lynx (2015)
  Cuff Lynx (2015)
  Gulf Lynx (2019)
  Hyper Lynx (2021)
Other Chaos is Come Again (2014)
  Mine [Kate Hamilton Mystery] (2015)
  If You See Kay Run [Badge Bunny Booze Mystery] (2017)
  Wasp [Uncommon Enemies] (2017)
  Jack Be Quick [Strike Force] (2017)
  In Too Deep [Strike Force] (2017)
  If You See Kay Hide [Badge Bunny Booze Mystery] (2017)
  If You See Kay Freeze [Badge Bunny Booze Mystery] (2017)
  Deadlock [Uncommon Enemies] (2017)
  Relic [Uncommon Enemies] (2018)
  If You See Kay Bang [Badge Bunny Booze Mystery] (2018)
  If You See Kay Jig [Badge Bunny Booze Mystery] (2018)
  If You See Kay Lie [Badge Bunny Booze Mystery] (2018)
  Cold Red [FBI Joint Task Force] (2018)
  Thorn [Uncommon Enemies] (2018)
  Instigator [Strike Force] (2018)
  If You See Kay Shift [Badge Bunny Booze Mystery] (2019)
  Open Secret [FBI Joint Task Force] (2019)
  Even Odds [FBI Joint Task Force] (2019)
  Yours [Kate Hamilton Mystery] (2019)
  Survival Instinct [Cerberus Tactical K9] (2020)
  Defender's Instinct [Cerberus Tactical K9] (2020)
  Ours [Kate Hamilton Mystery] (2020)
  Protective Instinct [Cerberus Tactical K9] (2020)
  Danger Signs [Delta Force Echo] (2021)
  Danger Close [Delta Force Echo] (2021)
  Danger Zone [Delta Force Echo] (2021)
  Warrior's Instinct [Cerberus Tactical K9] (2022)
  Fear the Reaper [Strike Force] (2022)
  A Guardian's Duty (2023)