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Full Name: Tom Bracks
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Mark Lee Ryan
Time Span: 2016 - 2017


Tom Bracks is an agent of the CIA.

His condition with the Agency is a unique one as explained in the beginning of his recorded adventure: "[He] is a product of the CIA. Almost ten years earlier he was severely brain damaged after his motor vehicle was run off the road and crashed into a tree late one evening on an icy and lonely road. In many ways there is some irony with his accident, as Tom was orphaned after his parents were killed in a road accident when he was only nine. He was raised by grandparents who later passed away when Tom was only twenty. Nearly always a loner and with no living family Tom was the perfect match for the government's latest scientific development; a micro-chip that would compensate for his damaged brain cells. The micro-chip would not only keep Tom alive but it would enable the CIA to build a robotic man whose mind and actions could be manipulated - controlled by a computer program anywhere in the world.

"At the time the micro-chip was implanted into Tom, relations between the US and the Russian Federation were bordering on hostile. The US was keen to develop a spy who would have no emotion, no fear and would be capable of assimilating into Russia as seemingly one of their own. Tom is programmed to speak any language fluently and co-exist as if he is born there. The micro-chip represented a remarkable development and the implant a major success for the scientists who developed it."

That was a decade before and during those ten years, the hostility that had existed between the US and Russia had cooled and the need for his services reduced considerably. He was allowed to move to Boulder City and take a normal job at a local gym. "The intention has always been that when needed the government would program him."

"Tom has been programmed.....but the government is yet to learn that he is no longer simply a dormant robot living day to day in Boulder City. He is out of control."


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2017

1 The Obsidium: Reactivated The Obsidium: Reactivated
Written by Mark Lee Ryan
Copyright: 2016

"Tom Bracks is a product of the CIA. Seriously injured in a motor accident, his body intact but his brain severely damaged, he was reliant upon life support to keep him alive. With no living family he became an ideal target for the CIA to repair his brain functions with their latest scientific development - a microchip that compensates for his damaged brain cells. He is programmed to do as they say, kept alive as a walking robot.
But since he was programmed relations between Russia and the USA have simmered and the USA has had two Presidential changes. Tom Bracks was allowed to live his life without the pressures of political intervention……..until now! What happens next is an adventure packed escapade that has two countries at war as they fight for his control. "
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2 The Obsidium: Fully Charged The Obsidium: Fully Charged
Written by Mark Lee Ryan
Copyright: 2017

"Tom Bracks is back in the second book in the series, and this time Tom has gone to Russia to find out who re-programmed him. A product of the CIA Tom has the latest scientific development - a microchip that compensates for his damaged brain cells.
Relations between Russia and the USA have heightened, and Tom has been used as a political football with both powers keen to gain his control. In the debut book in this series Tom’s micro-chip was reprogrammed and there was a battle against time to find out who reprogrammed him and why?"
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3 The Obsidium: Double Trouble The Obsidium: Double Trouble
Written by Mark Lee Ryan
Copyright: 2017

"Tom Bracks is back in the third book in the series, and this time he needs to track down an exact double of himself who is causing mass destruction and killing innocent people."
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4 The Obsidium: Evil People The Obsidium: Evil People
Written by Mark Lee Ryan
Copyright: 2017

"Tom Bracks is back in the fourth book in the series, and again another rogue doctor is on his trail. Is it the Russians again pursuing him to understand and replicate the micro-chip technology in his head or a new player with a similar pursuit?
When Tom is ambushed after dining out one evening with a friend it sparks a new adventure which eventually sees Tom become a 'guinea pig' so that he can track down the doctor at the centre of the mayhem."
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The sci-fi aspect of a human being having a controlling chip implanted in his brain is not new but having that person be a government operative in the clandestine (and not so clandestine) war between the U.S. and Russia - that's pretty unique and I was jazzed about the prospects.

The results are, for me, a mixed bag. I do not like the present tense manner of telling a story. "I am typing my comments here while looking around the room to see ..." Not for me! As a result much of the prose was so confusing in tenses that I started skimming and that is never a good sign.

Also having sounds and actions told in caps, such as BANG! and WHACK ... Not for me either.

You may have different feelings, of course.


My Grade: B-


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