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Full Name: Amber Storm
Series Name: Assassin In Paradise
Nationality: American
Organization: Diamond Logistics
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jack Stroke
Time Span: 2021 - 2021


Amber Storm is an assassin for Diamond Logistics.

We learn an amazingly little about this organization but from that very sparse amount we can deduce that it is a private corporation affiliated with the American government handling very sensitive operations on its behalf all to give it that all-desirable "plausible deniability".

We do learn that it is run (and likely founded) by a woman who is only known as 'Mother'. At least that is the only name that Storm refers to her as. Obviously she has a real name but whether Storm knows it or is just being circumspect is not disclosed. She is described as "an impressive, yet decidedly odd woman who wore sunglasses inside throughout".

Part of the ambiguity over the organization and its leader stems how Storm first got connected with it. "She had been at university studying when a job came up. Someone suggested she apply for it. A fellow student, Amber thought at the time, although she had no recollection of seeing this person before. Not that that was unusual in itself. University was a big place." Storm further recalls how "the job was shrouded in mystery. The insinuation was the position was top secret, with a government agency or something similar, not that anybody outright said that."

After what Storm thought a shaky interview she was nevertheless offered a trial period which naturally started with intense training. She spent more than a couple of years "retraining her mind, learning how to kill people, studying pain, both how to absorb it and how to dish it out." When she was finally given a mission, she was excited and relieved - "two years is a long time to work on theory. It was time for a little practical application."


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2021

1 Amber Storm Amber Storm
Written by Jack Stroke
Copyright: 2021

"When elite assassin Amber Storm suffers a breakdown mid-mission, she retreats to the one place that made sense in her life. Except, she’s not alone at tropical hideaway Paradise Cove. Her estranged best friend Megan has moved there as well.
Amber quickly discovers running away is never that easy.
With her unforgiving handler hot on her trail and a gang of vicious drug smugglers operating out of the tropical paradise, Amber has little choice but to revert to her killing ways.
As the bullets fly, can Amber keep Megan and her family alive and her true identity a secret?"
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2 Storm Warning Storm Warning
Written by Jack Stroke
Copyright: 2021

Amber Storm has her hands full with continued work from 'Mother' as well as the certainty that someone is heading her way wanting to know about those 10 bricks of heroin. And then there are her old childhood friends to worry about, a teenage boy interested in her line of work, and Vaughn, who she still has not quite figured out.
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3 Jealous Storm Jealous Storm
Written by Jack Stroke
Copyright: 2021

"Amber Storm has a new persona – Chill Amber. She is doing all she can to go with the flow and not be so controlling, until a blast from the past threatens to derail everything. Can Amber stop her life descending into chaos and terrible choices?
Meanwhile, a life-long dream comes true for Ben as he transitions to being an agent with Diamond Logistics. But the gap between dreams and reality is vast. Has young Ben bitten off more than he can chew?"
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4 Storm Damage Storm Damage
Written by Jack Stroke
Copyright: 2021

"A cryptocurrency kidnapping.
A boat full of drinking and drugs.
And a goofy dog called Peppers.
Amber and Ben have their hands full this time.
With the Port Simmons regatta in full swing, the usually quiet coast is swamped with millionaires and influencers.
When Gomez hits town, is this finally the chance Diamond Logistics need to take him down? Except they have to figure out who he is targeting first."
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2021

1 Early Storm Early Storm
Written by Jack Stroke
Copyright: 2021

A mission takes Amber Storm back to her hometown and forces a reunion with her former best friend and a relationship that soured when Storm told her about that woman's cheating husband.


The tales of Amber Storm is a continuous stream of events in her life, broken into very distinct chunks. It is very pleasant light reading, much like a cozy murder mystery but with Storm, being a government assassin, being the one doing the killing - and hiding the bodies - and then sometimes trying to solve some other mystery.

It is to be taken for fun and easy reading, which I found it very much the case. Sorta like Stephanie Plum but without so many cars being destroyed.

I enjoyed these adventures because I took them for what I believe they were designed to be - fun light escapist trouble.


My Grade: B


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