Writing as: Jack Stroke

According to the bio on his website: "My name is Jack Stroke. I am a writer from the southeast coast of Melbourne, Australia. I enjoy writing about inept criminals doing foolish things.

My main influences are Elmore Leonard, the Coen Brothers and the genius of The Sopranos."

Series Books
Amber Storm Amber Storm (2021)
  Jealous Storm (2021)
  Storm Damage (2021)
  Storm Warning (2021)
  Early Storm (ss) (2021)
Other 18 Hours To Die [Lucky Book[ (2019)
  The Other Hotel (2020)
  18 Hours More [Lucky Book] (2020)
  The Other Hotel 2: Christmas (2021)
  The Other Hotel 3: New Year's Eve (2021)
  The Other Hotel: You Choose (2021)
  18 Hours If You're Lucky (2021)
  The Other Hotel: You Choose Again (2022)