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Full Name: Kip Kenver
Nationality: British
Organization: ESS
Occupation Agent

Creator: Ian Howe
Time Span: 2016 - 2018


Kip Kenver is an agent with the ESS.

That acronym stands for the British organization Existus Secretum Summitate which, we are told, "is loosely translated from Latin to 'top secret termination'". "Originally the ESS was the brainchild of one Edward Stanner on the turn of the millennium, who somehow managed to persuade and convince the necessary people of his time for the development of a covert team of True Justice Enforcers. TJE as Ed originally called it. Eventually a go-ahead for a three year trial was granted. It was in 2001 when the very first mission was completed, and with military precision and success. The three year trial period proved to be an outstanding comprehensive success, and here we are today after 17 years, a tight fitting elite covert unit funded by, but not officially associated with SIS/MI6-MI5. On paper this unit does not exist. 'C' is Numero Uno and the head of this department usually operating from an office deep inside Vauxhall Cross (MI6) or Thanes House (MI5).

"British intelligence agencies have groups of covert teams working around the clock and all over the world. MI5, MI6, SIS, SAS and all alike know of their existence. These "Black Op guys" if you want to label them, are handpicked teams usually of six or seven guys, five of which are the élite of ex SAS and the remainder are handpicked from one or two of the other agencies. Depending on their mission, depicts who is in the "Team". They work under the command of the Foreign Office and assist SIS operations wherever in the world they're required. Whereas the ESS field agents are highly trained Ex-Forces and experienced assassins of one individual, or two in our case, working alone, mainly in Britain."

"UK Cornish born Kip was raised and educated in the Midlands. He left school at sixteen with his O-level qualifications in the late 70's to pursue a career with the MOD's weapons and explosives research and development department in Uxbridge, Kent, UK. After accomplishing his target pay grade and the highest position available within the department, he transferred his career option and enrolled with the Commandos. Later on in his service career he joined the SAS at the rank of Squadron Quartermaster Sargent, (SQS).

"However several years and tours later and after learning about his reputation and talents the Special Boats Services (SBS) requisitioned his services and experience as an underwater explosives expert, where he successfully saw out his service years as Captain.

"Now, in his 50's Kip is a registered private investigator and owns and runs a personal security consultancy service. But, more significantly, in the spring of 2011, several years after a suicide bomber took his wife and only child he willingly accepted a commission as a highly skilled covert field operative and assassin for the ESS. The government funded ESS, is an elite covert section of the joint Secret Intelligence Service, SIS/MI6 & MI5. So covert, its very existence is only known by a select few in government, military intelligence and our armed forces.

"Nessa Marrak also born in Cornwall UK, an ex-military girl herself is a 3rd Dan black belt in jujitsu and Kip's partner in crime so to speak, since the summer of 2011. Nessa shares a platonic relationship with Kip on his yacht Ollie (one life live it enjoy), on the waters off the South-West of England. The ESS rid our soil of the evil low-life that either evades capture or our Justice System fails to incarcerate. Permanently!  That is True Justice!  That is a Proper job!


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2017

1 Not This Time Not This Time
Written by Ian Howe
Copyright: 2016

"Kip and Nessa accept the ESS covert op even though Kip has an historical antipathy with Abdul Ahad. Whilst eager to exact his personal revenge, the discovery of a terrorist plot alters everything. This now means they have to strategically evaluate and stealthily disrupt Abdul's plans, then surreptitiously capture and interrogate him without jeopardizing his own and Nessa's career. Will Kip play by the rules at the pivotal point? Would you?"
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2 Hard To Kill Hard To Kill
Written by Ian Howe
Copyright: 2017

"Whilst on a commission protecting someone’s daughter from the evil she’s unaware is now free again to walk the streets, Kip and Nessa accept a simple sanction as a favor from a person of abundant importance. The two contracts aren’t associated in any way. That is until Kip and Nessa ingeniously rectifies that shortly before they treacherously throw themselves perilously deep into one of London’s organized crime syndicates for the simple sanction."
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2018

1 Due At 08:35 Due At 08:35
Written by Ian Howe
Copyright: 2018

"Locate, observe, evaluate. Those are the deadly duo’s directives. Four active radicals have their own. The clock is ticking."
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This short series joins the clique of those characters that I hope the author decides to give us more. Two adventures are very nice and appreciated but I would like at least a couple more. Especially when they involve Nessa, the co-star who could (nay, should) get her own stand-alone series.

What makes this series work is the relationship these two have, and have had for some time. Platonic, highly respectful though playful, darn serious when it needs to be. A good bromance though one of them is not a bro.


My Grade: B+


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