Writing as: Ian Howe

According to the bio on Amazon: "I was born in the Midlands and I’m in my sixties, (old beggar), for the last twenty odd years I have lived in beautiful Cornwall, I'm semi-retired and live with my wife and three Jack Russell’s.

I read at least one book a week, thrillers, history and non-fiction war stories mainly. Longing to write a book myself for some time, and in 2016 I did, Not This Time was the product of my imagination, life skills and experiences I have obtained over the many years on this earth. I have now completed my second novel, Hard To Kill, and all things being equal I will produce a variety of Kip Kenver thrillers in the future.

Last but not least, could I inspire you to write a few words as a review on any of my books you have read, good reviews help immensely when others are browsing and deciding whether to read or not."

Series Books
Kip Kenver Not This Time (2016)
  Hard To Kill (2017)
  Due At 08:35 (ss) (2018)