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Full Name: Kevin Kar
Nationality: American
Organization: American Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Max Van Derveer
Time Span: 1960 - 1969


Kevin Kar is an agent with the Bureau.

Whether that Bureau is in fact the Federal Bureau of Investigation is a matter that can be debated based on slightly contradictory intelligence found in this operative's adventures.

In the first recorded mission, the longest of the group, he is repeatedly called a Fed by those he deals with and he has the credentials to prove it. He works out of a DC office and heads to Florida where he works out of the Miami office of the department and comments indicate there are such field offices across the country. Even the local police treat him with respect and provide him with assistance.

After that, the FBI-ness is played down a bit and the blurb on each of these much shorter tales has them clearly listed as 'spy' cases. This 'could' lead one to believe there is some other organization called the Bureau by its members.

I vote goes to him being in the FBI, just dedicated, it seems, to dealing with cases involving spies or arms smugglers or saboteurs or the like. 

Whoever he works for, Kar loves adventure and he loves stepping in front of fast moving trains - not literally, of course, but just as good as. He thinks nothing of walking into a trap because he knows it is the best way of getting answers. Naturally that means he is going to get attacked. Pounded on or shot at or something really unpleasant. He accepts the chances all the while certain that he will survive it and then wrap the case up. And he is proven right each time.

Kar is a very good looking fellow, based on how each and every woman finds plenty of reasons to want to spend time with him. Granted, more than one turns out to be a femme fatale who would like to spend quality time with him alone just before trying to end his existence. Still Kar is the man to let them have their way with him, at least up to the dispatching part.

He is also a glib talker who would have fit in better a decade or so beforehand. He is never without a pithy comment, usually said to provoke someone into action and that action is often taking a poke at him.

He would most definitely be considered a chauvinist by the way he addresses each and every female he meets, whether or not he ends up in the sack with them. "Honey", "baby", "doll". Those are the terms he uses ad nauseum. Several times over!


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:1960
Last Appearance:1960

1 Broad Bait Broad Bait
Written by Jack Lynn
Copyright: 1960

"He was tall, dark and a Fed, sure - but that didn't explain why there was a new naked nympho waiting for him every place he went!" "All I was doing was looking for some guns that were going to start a Cuban revolution. But what did I find? You take a look, buddy."


Number of Stories:5
First Appearance:1966
Last Appearance:1969

Six years after he created his sole book-length soft-porn adventure of Kevin Kar under the pseudonym of Jack Lynn, the author released a handful of novelettes about the government agent under his real name in the pages of Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine. This version was a lot more sedate when it came to recounting exploits with the fairer sex.

1 The Agents The Agents
Written by Max Van Derveer
Copyright: 1966

Published in Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, March 1966.
[plot unknown]

2 Two For One Two For One
Written by Max Van Derveer
Copyright: 1966

Published in Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, June 1966.
[plot unknown]

3 The Brain Pickers The Brain Pickers
Written by Max Van Derveer
Copyright: 1967

Published in Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, June 1967.
This mission will take Kevin Kar to West Germany and then beyond the Iron Curtain to the Eastern side while investigating a series of kidnapping of scientists by the other side.

4 Submarine For Sale Submarine For Sale
Written by Max Van Derveer
Copyright: 1967

Published in Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, October 1967.
Kevin Kar's boss, Holly, sends his agent to New York City where a legitimate arms dealer who regularly cooperates with authorities has come into possession of a submarine and is approached by a client to buy it. The question for Kar to find out is who is that would-be buyer.

5 The Hippie Murders The Hippie Murders
Written by Max Van Derveer
Copyright: 1969

Published in Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, March 1969.
[plot unknown]


With my modern sensitivity, such as it, I found my teeth grinding every time Kevin Kar called a female 'Baby' or 'Honey'. I should probably have also been grated by his constant fascination with each woman's breasts and butt but I have only progressed so far. I am still a work in progress, as they say now.

As a series to be taking, well, seriously, the adventures of Kevin Kar could also be considered a work-in-progress but as one that did not make it too far. There is very little to make this series interesting enough to pursue it except for its historical significance.


My Grade: B-


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