1927 - 1979

Writing as: Jack Lynn, Max Van Derveer

A fairly prolific author of both books and short stories. Best known for the soft-porn world of Tokey Wedge, a short but effective PI.

According to Thrilling Detective: Lynn was actually a pen name of Max van derVeer, a prolific writer who pumped out short stories for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. Magazine  and Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine during the sixties and seventies. In fact, he seems to have written twenty-three of the Mike Shayne novellas, under the house name, of course, of Brett Halliday. He also wrote a few stories each about female spy Desiree Fleming, Federal Agent Kevin Kar and detective Gilbert Crocker, but by far his most popular creation was Tokey. And just to nail the lid shut on Lynn’s identity, it turns out that “Jack Lynn” was actually a play on Van DerVeer’s wife at the time: Jacqueline!"

Series Books
Jack Lynn
Kevin Kar Broad Bait (1960)
Other Nympho Lodge [Tobey Wedge] (1959)
  Mad For Kicks [Tobey Wedge] (1960)
  Torrid Twins [Tobey Wedge] (1960)
  Loverboy! (1960)
  The Passion Pit [Tobey Wedge] (1960)
  Tall And Torrid [Tobey Wedge] (1961)
  Double Seduction [Tobey Wedge] (1961)
  Wholesale Seduction [Tobey Wedge] (1961)
  Women On The Loose [Tobey Wedge] (1961)
  Forced Females [Tobey Wedge] (1961)
  Tall and Torrid [Tobey Wedge] (1961)
  Wild Women [Tobey Wedge] (1961)
  10 Shockingest Seductions [Tobey Wedge] (1962)
  Three Passionate Sisters [Tobey Wedge] (1962)
  White Hot Women (1962)
  The Third Seduction [Tobey Wedge] (1963)
  Desire in Duplicate [Tobey Wedge] (1963)
  They Were Too Much (1963)
  Four Insatiable Nymphs [Tobey Wedge] (1963)
  Night Nurse [Tobey Wedge] (1964)
  Three Kinds of Love [Tobey Wedge] (1964)
  Kandy [Tobey Wedge] (1965)
Max Van Derveer
Desiree Fleming Why Not Bomb Las Vegas? (ss) (1967)
  Sam, The Secret Weapon (ss) (1967)
  The Courier (ss) (1967)
Kevin Kar The Agents (ss) (1966)
  Two For One (ss) (1966)
  The Brain Pickers (ss) (1967)
  Submarine For Sale (ss) (1967)
  The Hippie Murders (ss) (1969)