Full Name: Ryan Stone
Nationality: American
Organization: FBI
Occupation Agent

Creator: Ben Reinhart
Time Span: 2020 - 2021


Ryan Stone is an agent with the FBI.

His area of investigation is counter-terrorism and it is in that line that we follow his adventures as he is put on the trail of an Islamic terror group leader very much despising America and the intellect and training to be able to act on that hatred.

We learn immediately in the first recorded adventure quite a bit about Stone and the trauma that would eventually bring him to work for the Bureau.

We can follow along as he suffers the physical and emotional beatings of an alcoholic abusive father who would kill his wife in a drunken rage. We are with Stone when he makes a horrible decision to force his girl friend to flee with him that terrible night, only to lose control of his car resulting in a crash that injured him but claimed her. Stone would that terrible evening see his mother murdered by his father and his girl friend killed by his mistake. Both loses would remain with him forever.

A foster father would step in to help a floundering Stone, taking him under his wing and as the teen became an adult, bring him into the DEA where the man worked. There Stone would become an excellent agent. "Through [his] teachings, I became an expert on misdirection, entrapment, and how to anticipate my opponent's moves. I could handle mayhem at any level." We also learn from Stone that, "I was a tough, smart agent.  I didn't let anyone take advantage of me and no one beat me to the punch.  Several years undercover with the DEA made me very street-smart, and the techniques Russ taught me on how to read people made me a perfect federal agent."

Eventually he would be offered a chance to "switch allegiances" to work for the FBI and he took it. It would be just after the switch that he would become involved in the terrorist hunt that makes him of interest to this compendium.

His prior training will prove vital to his future success going up against Islamic extremists, as will two other facts. One is that his natural dark Middle East features gave him an edge because he did not look out of place while visiting mosques or establishments catering to people from that region. The other is that during his DEA days, he had found cause to switch from his non-practicing Catholic roots to a conversion to Islam.

Stone's success in the FBI is will be impressive. So are the people he will have to go up against.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2021

1 The Drone Factory The Drone Factory
Written by Ben Reinhart
Copyright: 2020

The year is 2026. "It's the 25th anniversary of 9/11 and Islamic Terrorist Josef Al-Hakim's recent EAST COAST drone attacks in Boston, Washington D.C., and at Florida's Kennedy Space Center have left thousands dead and America in a panic. FBI Agent Ryan Stone, who failed to apprehend Al-Hakim at a Florida Mosque a few months ago, is being given one more chance to prove his worth to the Bureau. With his career on the line, he knows he must do whatever it takes to capture this madman. With the backing of the Syrian government, Josef Al-Hakim is now preparing to release dozens of high-tech drones that will cause a major bacterial OUTBREAK on the WESTERN portion of America."
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2 The Dragon Boat Conspiracy The Dragon Boat Conspiracy
Written by Ben Reinhart
Copyright: 2021

Hannah Horowitz, head of the FBI's Terrorist Response Unit, was receiving a major award when she received word that infamous terrorist Josef Al-Hakim had taken her granddaughter hostage in reprisal for her work. When the little girl is turned over to SA-13, a human trafficking ring, Ryan Stone is sent undercover to find her. What he discovers is a major conspiracy that reaches into Washington, D.C.
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     In the first couple of pages of the first adventure, I was initially intrigued by the hardship of the main character and then disgusted by his foolish action that took the life of his girl friend. I do not like my heroes being the cause of an innocent's life so I was put off by his decision.

     However, within a couple more pages I had moved on, drawn by the brashness  and almost cockiness of the character, especially knowing from the first adventure's blurb that Stone would have that high opinion of himself knocked down a bit. I was intrigued. I stayed intrigued enough to gladly pick up the second adventure and am looking forward to more to come.


My Grade: B+


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