1943 -

Writing as: Ben Reinhart

According to the bio on Amazon: "Ben Reinhart was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1943 and spent the first seven years of his life in the lower projects of Manhatten. Upon moving to southern California at age seven with his parents, he worked the farm fields outside of Riverside for eight long and hard years. When his parents divorced, he returned to New York at age fifteen and entered and graduated from James Madison High School. He then joined the US Navy, and began his technical career as a meteorologist. After four years in the Navy, he attended college at the Pace School of Business to study Computer Science and Business Accounting. His information technology and accounting career lasted until his retirement in 2016. With his I/T background, and his desire to become a writer, Ben spent his early retirement years learning the skills necessary to write and publish."

Series Books
Ryan Stone The Drone Factory (2020)
  The Dragon Boat Conspiracy (2021)
Other The King Maker [King Maker Trilogy] (2018)
  The Knights of Freedom [King Maker Trilogy] (2019)
  The Winds of Change [King Maker Trilogy] (2019)