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Full Name: Lachlan Kite
Nationality: British
Organization: Box 88
Occupation Agent

Creator: Charles Cumming
Time Span: 2020 - 2023


Lachlan Kite is an agent with Box 88.

That department name is an interesting one for an intelligence organization but since virtually nobody knew of the existence of Box 88, there would not be that many people confused by the name. We the readers learn about it from the very beginning of the first recorded adventure because a task force of people belonging to Britain's more established agencies have come together to investigate rumors of Box 88's very nature and their attitude towards it and its apparent mission is not very complimentary. It is made clear that the investigators want very much to be able to prove that Box 88 does in fact exist and then see that it is totally dissolved and its people removed one way or another.

The operative associated with Box 88 that those investigators are more interested in is Lachlan Kite. While his purported employer might remain an enigma to them, they have a good deal of intelligence on Kite personally. They know that he was recruited to that intelligence organization back when he was still in college. They know that he has been an agent for it all of the 30-plus years since then, putting him in his mid-50s.

We will learn in the first recorded adventure a good deal more about him than his pursuers and it will come to us by not only following him even as he is being hunted but also in flashbacks to those days of his entry into Box 88's service. The second record of his activities will also be a duplex with us being able to join him in what is happening in his life currently as well as what happened several decades before.

Good Line:
- "[For Kite] to work for BOX 88 was to live in a more or less permanent state of low-level paranoia."


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2023

1 Box 88 Box 88
Written by Charles Cumming
Copyright: 2020

Moving back and forth between 1989 and 2020, this tells two intertwined stories. First is how Lachlan Kite is recruited at an elite boarding school into Box 88 and send on a mission to France in investigate an Iranian's connection with the Lockerbie bombing. Second is in the present as MI5 hears rumors of Box 88 and starts to investigate Kite even as Iranian intelligence moves against him as well.
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2 Judas 62 Judas 62
Written by Charles Cumming
Copyright: 2021

Back in 1993, Lachlan Kite is a young agent sent to a Russia no longer under communist control. His cover is that of a language teacher bur his real mission is to get a chemical weapons expert out of that country. When things to wrong he is alone in a hostile city being sought by an ex-KGB agent.
In present 2020, Kite is the director of Box 88 when he finds his name is on the 'Judas' list, a collection of names of enemies of Russia to be eliminated. Survival means finding the man who put his name on that list.
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3 Kennedy 35 Kennedy 35
Written by Charles Cumming
Copyright: 2023

"1995: In the wake of the Rwandan genocide, 24-year-old spy Lachlan Kite and his girlfriend, Martha Raine, are sent to Senegal on the trail of a hunted war criminal. The mission threatens to spiral out of control, forcing Kite to make choices which will have devastating consequences not only for his career at top-secret intelligence agency BOX 88, but also for his relationship with Martha.
2023: Eric Appiah, an old friend from Kite’s days at school and an off-the-record BOX 88 asset, makes contact with explosive information about what happened all those years ago in West Africa. When tragedy strikes, Kite must use all the resources at his disposal to protect Martha from a criminal network with links to international terror."
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It is possible that at one point in his life the author of these terrific spy-fi tales did not create an awesome read. Not likely considering that everything this man has penned has been, IMHO, fantastic. But maybe back when...

Of course, to us nowadays, that is not the case. Once again this modern-day master of his craft has given us a character, and a department, that hooks us and holds us for many blissful hours.

His first series dealt with a man that I did not like. I loved the writing but the character irritated me so I gave it a low-ish score. The second series was fantastic and I graded it accordingly. This third one is even better than the second and leaves this reader thrilled to have been able to read it.


My Grade: A+


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