1971 -

Writing as: Charles Cumming

Born in Scotland, Charles Cumming was educated at Eton followed by the University of Edinburgh, graduating with Honous in English Literature. It is reported that he was approached by MI6 after school but opted to not work for them. Instead, he crafted the first of several spy novels which would clearly show his writing skills. Mr. Cumming worked as an editor of The Week for a decade and a half which also shows his understanding of world affairs and British politics.

Series Books
Thomas Kell A Foreign Country (2012)
  A Colder War (2014)
  A Divided Spy (2016)
Lachlan Kite Box 88 (2020)
  Judas 62 (2021)
  Kennedy 35 (2023)
Alec Milius A Spy By Nature (2001)
  The Spanish Game (2006)
Other The Hidden Man (2003)
  Typhoon (2008)
  The Trinity Six (2011)
  The Moroccan Girl aka The Man Between (2018)