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Full Name: Jack Cross
Nationality: British
Organization: SI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jack Dillon
Time Span: 2016 - 2019


Jack Cross is an agent with SI6.

That organization is the Special Intelligence Section Six which was "set up after the 9/11 and subsequent 7/7 attacks to combat terrorism against the sovereign realm of Great Britain, and was answerable only to the Prime Minister of the day. This meant it had no political ties or bias. What it did have though was an executive order to handle matters with extreme prejudice." We are further told that "SI6 was the third option against terrorism" behind diplomacy first and military action second.

It is explained that SI6 was necessary because when dealing with terrorists, diplomacy "never seemed to work" and military action was largely "inappropriate as many of the terrorists lived and worked among civilians". Now run by General Bainbridge, the man who created it, SI6 sends highly qualified people to eliminate threats one-on-one.

When, in the prologue to the first recorded adventure, we first meet Cross, recruited into SI6 from the British Special Air Service (SAS), he and a colleague, Mike Flynn, are involved in a very nasty operation in Latin America working against an even nastier drug lord. It is after this mission where things did not go well that Cross decides to 'retire' from that line of work for the sake of his family and for a bit of time thereafter, we watch Flynn continue to serve SI6 in a solo capacity. 

But, as Bainbridge observes to a subordinate, he considers Cross is just on "extended leave", given time to realize where his place really was, namely with SI6. "Besides what else would a man like Jack Cross do in the real world?" Cross will find that his old boss knew what he was talking about.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2019

1 The Death List The Death List
Written by Jack Dillon
Copyright: 2016

"A mysterious group lurk in the shadows, pulling the strings of the puppets in play. A deal between a hacker and a terrorist goes badly wrong and Special Intelligence Section Six is brought in to help. This opens a can of worms no one is prepared for. A list of covert operative names is stolen and the race to find both it and the thief is on before those names go public. Jack Cross, an ex agent, is brought back to help Mike Flynn of SI6 take point in the operation. The action rages from Crete to London and on up to Scotland. Will SI6 prevail or will the names of the operatives become The Death List?"
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2 Crosshairs Crosshairs
Written by Jack Dillon
Copyright: 2017

"Jack Cross and the rest of the SI6 team are back in another thrilling adventure. This time around the Hierarchy for Anarchy, Terrorism and Extortion are out for blood. They want revenge on SI6 for their intervention in stealing the NOC list a few weeks prior. For the person they contract the job out to, it soon becomes obvious it’s more than just a job, it’s personal. As the Hierarchy takes steps to destroy SI6, the battle then rages on all fronts and across the world as the two groups collide. Lives will be lost and when the dust settles, things will never be the same again. The Hierarchy are determined to win at any cost which means SI6 must die. They have them in their crosshairs and when they pull the trigger all hell will break loose."
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3 An Eye For An Eye An Eye For An Eye
Written by Jack Dillon
Copyright: 2019

"SI6 has been disbanded, Sir Donald Bainbridge is dead and now Deputy Director of MI6, Simon Bennett is tasked to set up a new unit to replace SI6.
This time it has to be under the radar, covert. Too much attention had been drawn to the actions taken by SI6 which was its eventual downfall. Bennett decides to keep the group together but make them work differently, this time it will succeed. Section Zero is born. Jack Cross is still searching for anything relating to the Hierarchy, the terrorist group that murdered his family. On a trip to see his friend Mike Flynn he meets DEA agent Charlotte (Charley) Parker, who warns him something big is coming. A drug cartel overlord has a plan to wipe out the competition and leave what's left for him alone, the chemist he forces to work for him on a new designer drug has other ideas and plans revenge on him for killing his daughter. Jack and Charley have to work together to prevent a disaster that could kill millions of people in a global pandemic."
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In Star Trek lore, do not be the person wearing the red uniform. It does not bode well for you. Not everyone who wears such a color dies but ....

In spy-fi series land, do not be a spouse or offspring of the hero. It is not a safe place.

Case in point with this series. It does not happen immediately, which is usually the case, but it does happen.

Personally I hate the trope and downgrade the series for using it, which is what happens here. The writing in this series was alright and the action was solid and interesting. But then the trope and after that, well ...


My Grade: B-


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