An Eye For An Eye

An Eye For An Eye

Written by Jack Dillon

"SI6 has been disbanded, Sir Donald Bainbridge is dead and now Deputy Director of MI6, Simon Bennett is tasked to set up a new unit to replace SI6.
This time it has to be under the radar, covert. Too much attention had been drawn to the actions taken by SI6 which was its eventual downfall. Bennett decides to keep the group together but make them work differently, this time it will succeed. Section Zero is born. Jack Cross is still searching for anything relating to the Hierarchy, the terrorist group that murdered his family. On a trip to see his friend Mike Flynn he meets DEA agent Charlotte (Charley) Parker, who warns him something big is coming. A drug cartel overlord has a plan to wipe out the competition and leave what's left for him alone, the chemist he forces to work for him on a new designer drug has other ideas and plans revenge on him for killing his daughter. Jack and Charley have to work together to prevent a disaster that could kill millions of people in a global pandemic."