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Full Name: Tom Wilder
Nationality: British
Organization: IPI
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jack Brandon
Time Span: 2017 - 2019


Tom Wilder is an agent for IPI.

That acronym stands for International Private Investigators and from the sound of it that corporation is a large one in numbers and quite large in prestige. The cases that this group handles routinely include countering global espionage leveraged against huge multi-jurisdictional companies. Many such firms learn that hard way that in the case of criminals or governmental intruders from one country attacking or stealing from a company in a different nation and often a different continent, local police forces are totally powerless and so are most national one. It took a company like IPI to gather proof of wrongdoing enough to take the matter to an international court but even more importantly to be able to take action when those courts prove ineffectual.

While I have listed his occupation as 'agent', it would have been technically accurate to have used 'private investigator' since that is what IPI's name says they are but calling him a private eye gives the impression of a lone snoop wearing out the soles of his shoes in his investigations, working out of a small office. The facilities at which Wilder works are quite a bit different and the kind of jobs that IPI calls upon him to do is such that 'agent' fits much better.

Wilder is not only one of IPI's best operatives, known for getting the job done no matter where it takes him, he is also one of IPI's directors and as such has a voice in deciding what clients IPI accepts and how far it would go in satisfying a client's wishes. Considering the experience that he brings to the firm, his voice carries a lot of weight.

Wilder is a British citizen who proudly served in the military for several years. He had been living in New York City with his wife and infant child when the wife died in the one of the Towers that were brought down on 9/11. Entrusting his then one year old daughter to his wife's sister and her husband, Wilder return to England and signed up to fight in Afghanistan.

That service would consist of becoming part of the prestigious and elite SAS. For four years his efforts in that war would make him a seasoned operative for not only succeeding in near impossible tasks but also for being more than willing to go rogue to get the job done.

After a handful of years in the service, his need to return to his ever-growing daughter pulled him from the military and took him a new job with IPI and he has served there honorably and proudly for over a decade.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2018

1 Whatever It Takes Whatever It Takes
Written by Jack Brandon
Copyright: 2017

"The maverick ex-Special Ops war hero has been called in to do the almost impossible. He and his small team have been asked to stop the Russian President from using Moscow Mafia to steal a US/UK developed game changer weapon of war. Wilder and his team are about to be faced with not just people whose way of life is to play dirty, but to confront ruthless mercenaries who will have the resources of the Russian State backing them."
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2 Stealth Stealth
Written by Jack Brandon
Copyright: 2017

"There’s a new high-tech weapon which could bring any country to its knees. The UK and the US won’t use it – too many innocent civilians would suffer. But the Russian President has tasked ruthless London-based Russian Oligarch, Victor Zorin to steal it for him. He has no scruples about civilian deaths – he aims to use it to bring the US and the UK down But they have called in Tom Wilder, ex Special Ops Afghanistan War hero to stop Zorin."
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3 The Fix The Fix
aka Rogue State
Written by Jack Brandon
Copyright: 2017

"The World's rogue states get bolder by the week. The West needs a long term solution to curb their growing threats. But the best solution needs ex-Special Ops war hero Tom Wilder and a small intrepid team to infiltrate one of the most dangerous of these states. Is there a guarantee it will work? Of course there isn't. And when the tyrant ruler is overthrown, he seeks revenge on Wilder and the West by using their own solution against them. With the tables turned, can Wilder avert catastrophe for the US?"
[Note: According to the author, this book is a major revision of the previously published Rogue State.]
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4 The Hoard The Hoard
Written by Jack Brandon
Copyright: 2018

"New underworld organized crime syndicates are planning to steal a high technology weapon that will allow them instant access to virtually any target they choose. Inter-mafia gang warfare and greed drive on the race but Tom Wilder, ex Afghanistan war hero is called in to stop them as the technology would put them beyond the reach of the law enforcement agencies. But an unexpected accident leaves the gangs short of the cash to set up the technology. A priceless Tudor treasure becomes the alternative source of funding for them. With so many secretive enemy to deal with and so much at stake, can Wilder solve the mysteries of the case in time to avert disaster?"
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Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2019

1 Smart Girl Smart Girl
Written by Jack Brandon
Copyright: 2018

"A suspiciously contrived set of circumstances suddenly thrust Tom Wilder’s daughter Lucy into extreme danger - her father's world of fighting international crime. Being her father’s daughter, she responds with flair and ingenuity. But was her capture while nosing around a mafia drug factory pre-planned by them? Her father only hears of her predicament late in the day, but as he rushes to rescue her, is he entering a trap where she is the bait?"
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2 No More Secrets No More Secrets
Written by Jack Brandon
Copyright: 2019

"A new technology which could bring a country to its knees has been unmasked. The Russians and China are out to steal it. One man and his elite team stand in their way - Tom Wilder - Afghanistan Special Ops war hero. But will this be his task impossible?"
[Note: This novella is marked as a prequel to the novels.]
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The character of Tom Wilder has an issue that seems to crop up a lot, or rather those around him have the issue which in turn affects him - they get snatched a lot. Now he is decent enough to bring them home safely but still ... Especially poor Lucy, his daughter.

This series has a bunch of bad guys who need serious attitude adjusting and Tom Wilder is just the man to give it. I guess that is to be expected from a seasoned SAS operative.

Speaking of Lucy, while she was just an infant when 9/11 caused Wilder to go into the Service, it has been enough years since then that she is a very intelligent woman attending Harvard. She might not be an experience warrior like her father but as she shows in one of the novellas, she ain't no shrinking violet. We need to see more of her.


My Grade: B


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