Writing as: David Stuart Back, Jack Brandon

According to the short bio on Amazon: "Jack Brandon is the pen name that David Stuart Back uses for his current Tom Wilder Thriller Series. This series came about because David has always enjoyed fast-moving thrillers with strong character leads. If, like him, you enjoy the exploits of Jack Reacher, John Puller or John Milton, you'll love Tom Wilder - maverick ex-Special-Ops, (the SAS Regiment), hero of the Afghanistan War and central character in the series.

Series Books
David Stuart Back
Other Komarov's Conspiracy (2015)
Jack Brandon
Tom Wilder Whatever It Takes (2017)
  Stealth (2017)
  The Fix (2017)
  The Hoard (2018)
  Smart Girl (na) (2018)
  No More Secrets (na) (2019)