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Full Name: Max Anger
Nationality: Swedish
Organization: Vector
Occupation Analyst

Creator: Martin Osterdahl
Time Span: 2015 - 2017


Max Anger is an analyst with the Swedish thinktank Vektor.

He is a very intelligent and inciteful man; he would not have been hired by Vektor if he had not been. He is also extremely experienced from his many years serving in that country's special forces.

Prior to being asked to work for Vektor, he had been "an attack diver, one of the Swedish Navy's elite Coastal Rangers". They are an elite segment of the Navy's Amphibious section. According to, "their main role would be to retake islands and parts of the Swedish coast from the enemy. The Coastal Rangers, in Sweden known as Kustjagarna, undergo a rigorous training and selection process, and they are one of the most highly trained units in the Swedish Armed Forces". Their primary tasks are "to gather intelligence, conduct raids, and commit sabotage".

As part of his extensive training, Anger was schooled in the Russian language as that nation has been perceived as the biggest threat to Sweden's future for many decades. Beyond that, he had made himself quite knowledgeable about the aims of the current Russian government and, naturally, its capabilities concerning incursion.

Over time, "when [Anger] had gotten fed up with the ongoing dismantling of the Swedish armed forces", he was offered a job at Vektor by its founder, Sarah Hansen, a friend of many years. Deciding "it was time to put the soldier's life behind him", he accepted. He would not have predicted that he would have to call upon those skills in the future.

Anger, who is 26 years old when we first meet him, stands 6'3" tall and weighs 210 lbs.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2017

As shown below, this is a three-book series but only the first two have as yet been translated.

1 Ask No Mercy Ask No Mercy
Written by Martin Osterdahl, Peter Sean Woltemade (translator)
Copyright: 2015

"Max Anger is a man on the edge. The former fighter in an elite band of special-ops soldiers in Sweden, Anger is haunted by battle scars, a childhood spent in the Stockholm archipelago, and his own mysterious family past. Now behind a desk at Vektor, a think tank conducting research on Russia, he’s met his match—and fallen in love—with fierce fellow operative Pashie Kovalenko. Like all of Vektor, she’s set her sights on the tenuous future of her country. When Pashie goes missing in Saint Petersburg, Anger rushes headlong into a volatile Russia, where a new president is about to be elected in the midst of a technological revolution. At the movement’s heart is a start-up Pashie had been investigating, one surrounded by rumors of organized crime and corruption. But the truth is more shocking than Anger could have ever expected."
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2 Ten Swedes Must Die Ten Swedes Must Die
Written by Martin Osterdahl, Peter Sean Woltemade (translator)
Copyright: 2017

"Former special-ops soldier and now an analyst for the think tank Vektor, Max Anger would kill to move on from the scars of his past—if only for the sake of Pashie, his girlfriend and fellow operative, who wants out of the battle zone. For them, a normal life is just one more dangerous uncertainty. Especially now that evil is hitting closer to home. Sofia Karlsson of the Swedish police wants Max’s help in a high-profile and high-stakes murder investigation: the hunt for a serial killer stalking the streets of Stockholm, who’s eliminating his victims in gruesome and tantalizingly clever ways. When Max discovers his connection to two of the crime scenes, his investigation uncovers what could be the most shameful episode in Sweden’s history. The deeper he gets, the harder it becomes to distance himself from the dark sins of the past—and to secure a future with the woman he loves."
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2 Jarn Anglar Jarn Anglar
aka Iron Angels
Written by Martin Osterdahl
Copyright: 2017

As far as I could determine, this book has NOT been translated into English but is listed here for reference purposes.
"The third part about Max Anger, a thriller at a high international level. On September 11, 2001, two aircraft flew into the World Trade Center. One week earlier, a Foreign Ministry employee threw himself from a balcony of a luxury hotel in Jerusalem. The incident could have consequences for Sweden and Max Anger is commissioned to investigate the man's death. In the search for the truth, Max finds a secret Swedish brotherhood on the trail, with connections to strong foreign forces. When he challenges them, everything is turned against him and he is accused of being behind the death he is investigating. As he tries to save himself, the clock ticks relentlessly down towards the great catastrophe. The dead man in Jerusalem was just the starting shot."


We do not have many Swedish secret agents. This is the second so far, in case you were curious.

These books were in Swedish and translated. I have no idea how good the originals read but the translations are pretty darned good reads so either the Swedish books were good as well or the translator did a bang-up job or both. I think I'll go with both.

Max Anger is a man of action but boy does he pay the price for it. He seems to live on benzodiazepine pills, not to mention pain medicine for when he gets himself bloodies - something that seems to happen a lot. However, for us readers, the action is very impressive and fun.

And lastly, I love a series hero who has the last name of Anger. Apparently that was his name in the Swedish version so it is just a coincidence that it makes such a cool name in English.


My Grade: B+


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