Jarn Anglar

Jarn Anglar

Written by Martin Osterdahl

As far as I could determine, this book has NOT been translated into English but is listed here for reference purposes.
"The third part about Max Anger, a thriller at a high international level. On September 11, 2001, two aircraft flew into the World Trade Center. One week earlier, a Foreign Ministry employee threw himself from a balcony of a luxury hotel in Jerusalem. The incident could have consequences for Sweden and Max Anger is commissioned to investigate the man's death. In the search for the truth, Max finds a secret Swedish brotherhood on the trail, with connections to strong foreign forces. When he challenges them, everything is turned against him and he is accused of being behind the death he is investigating. As he tries to save himself, the clock ticks relentlessly down towards the great catastrophe. The dead man in Jerusalem was just the starting shot."