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Full Name: Jack Bonafide
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jordan Vezina
Time Span: 2019 - 2020


Jack Bonafide is an agent with the CIA.

When we first meet him, recorded in the first novella, the year is 1980 and Bonafide is a First Sergeant with the still new, just three years since its inception, Delta Force. He had come to Delta from the ranks of the Rangers back when Delta was not yet official and was a proud member of that group.

Bonafide was part of the Delta team that was dispatched to the coast of Iran to be flown into Tehran to rescue the Iranian Hostages. He watched in disbelief when the mission went pear-shaped with a helicopter-airplane collision that not only took several lives in that horrific moment but also doomed the rescue mission completely.

After that a brief but highly educational temporary assignment to work in Israel alongside one of that country's most elite fighting forces. It would be working with them that he got the first piece of data about a terrifying plan underway by the Soviets. That experience and the desire to put an end to the Russian scheme would cause another career change, this time to go to work for the Agency. Even as he trades his camo for civilian clothes, Bonafide knows he will miss the people he served with and the Army itself, a home for him since he signed up years before at 17.

It will be as an operative with the CIA that most of the action we follow him in takes place. He will become part of the Agency's paramilitary force which will make use of the many years of combat training he possesses while working in environments where the government cannot or will not officially operate.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2020

     Jack Bonafide is part of what the author calls the Jericho Black universe. He is introduced in the 5th book of that series and plays a major role in that adventures.

     He then headlines his own adventure detailed in the first novella shown further below before having several full-length missions detailed in the list here.

0 Going Dark Going Dark
Written by Jordan Vezina
Copyright: 2019

Book #5 in the Jericho Black series of adventures.
A terrorist group called the Sword of Allah has gotten hold of a vial of highly virulent anthrax. They need a delivery system that will provide extensive dispersal and the KGB will see an opportunity to get in good with the group and strike at the US. Will Hessler, aka Jericho Black, is unhappy with his assignment role in the stopping of this mad plan but he will soon find his part is vital. Also joining the task force created to bring the SoA down is CIA operative Jack Bonafide.
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1 The Black Tsar The Black Tsar
Written by Jordan Vezina
Copyright: 2019

"It's 1982 and Jack Bonafide has left Delta Force. He’s on thin ice with the CIA. No one knows where the mythical Black Tsar hydrogen bomb is, but they do know that a countdown has started. The KGB agent who outwitted Jack is still on the loose, but he’s the least of this ghost operative’s concerns. A twelve man Soviet Alpha Group assault team is also after the Black Tsar, and they have been given a simple mandate: Failure will not be tolerated by the Kremlin."
Note: this first novel follows the action of the first novella, Direct Action
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2 High Tension High Tension
Written by Jordan Vezina
Copyright: 2020

"It's 1981 - and CIA spy-hunter Jack Bonafide and his ragtag team of volunteers have got their hands on the most explosive intel of the decade - the secret identity of every Soviet sleeper agent currently operating within the United States. Now, it's a race against time to black-bag each and every one of them before Jack's prey even realize they're being hunted - because the moment they do, Bonafide's orders to 'capture or kill' could spark a nuclear apocalypse. As if the stakes weren't high enough, the further Jack and his team descend into the shadows, the more unclear it becomes who the real enemy is - or what they'd be willing to do to get their own hands on that logbook."
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3 Breakdown Breakdown
Written by Jordan Vezina
Copyright: 2020

"Jack Bonafide thought his war with the Soviets was over— but it’s just begun!
Trapped inside of a secret government facility disguised as an asylum Jack must unravel the mysteries of his own past before the sinister Doctor Barrister can turn him against his own country. Carrie Davidson and the black operations unit known within the CIA only as The Coal Chamber are on the trail of Arkady Radovich and Tolya Rodin. Little do they know they’re also on a collision course with the very people who are holding Jack prisoner. Meanwhile, on a windswept street in the nation’s capitol a sniper has his sights set on the President of the United States and only Jack Bonafide’s fractured mind holds the secret to the would-be killer's identity!"
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

1 Direct Action Direct Action
Written by Jordan Vezina
Copyright: 2019

"In the 1950s Jack Bonafide's uncle went on a notorious killing spree in West Texas, and Jack has spent his entire life trying to atone for those sins. In the 1970s Jack became a founding member of Colonel Charlie Beckwith's Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta. In 1980 Jack took part in the failed attempt to rescue American hostages in Iran, and then traveled to Israel and led an Israeli special operations team deep into the heart of Iraq. Now Jack has a new mission, one that requires him to leave Delta and chase down a monster hydrogen bomb smuggled into the United States by a rogue faction within the KGB."
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     I was impressed by the author's smooth storytelling style while enjoying the companion series about Jericho Black when, in the 5th book of that series, he introduced me to Jack Bonafide. When Bonafide got his own set of adventures, I just naturally followed along and found them to be as exciting and enjoyable.

     Bonafide is definitely a different sort of character from Jericho Black, more experienced and more confident and more likely to do things his own way than to toe someone else's line. You can hear in your head the chewing out he is likely to get when he opts to go his own way on something.


My Grade: A-


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