Writing as: Jordan Vezina

According to the bio on Amazon: "Jordan is a fiction writer living in Austin, Texas with his wife Emily Vezina and their daughter. Jordan served in both the Marine Corps and Army Infantry, which gave him the background to bring realistic details to the books he writes. He also worked as a bodyguard for high profile clients in both the entertainment and technology industries. Jordan is still active in the world of weapons and tactics and has a healthy relationship with his own mortality."

Series Books
Jericho Black Among Wolves (2015)
  Kill Chain (2018)
  Retribution (2018)
  Outfoxed (2018)
  Danger Close (ss) (2018)
  The Hammer Of Israel (ss) (2018)
  Never Forget (ss) (2018)
  The Lion Of Israel (ss) (2018)
  Going Dark (2019)
  The Moscow Protocol (2019)
  Buenos Aires Black (ss) (2019)
Jack Bonafide The Black Tsar (2019)
  Going Dark (2019)
  Direct Action (ss) (2019)
  High Tension (2020)
  Breakdown (2020)
Other A Devil In Your Hedgerow (2015)
  The Ghost Factory (2017)
  Hard Red Winter (2017)