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Full Name: Ryan Chaise
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Stuart G. Yates
Time Span: 2020 - 2021


Ryan Chaise is an agent with MI6.

Was, actually. And sort of will be again. But mostly when we meet him, Chaise is an agent of a quite a different type than what we find in this compendium. He is a real estate agent.

This ex-pat is working the realty business in the Costa del Sol of southern Spain as we first encounter him and having to deal with the fact that in the current economy, being honest with his clients was important but being totally so was not conducive to earning the commissions he was seeking. Sales were few and hard to get.

Chaise is living in that area because he did not want to live in England anymore. He had "left the old life behind. The old life that still came to keep him company at night, the memories he'd tried so hard to forget". After considering heading to somewhere below the equator, "far, far away, South America or New Zealand", he went to the Mediterranean because his girl friend, Angelina, was half-Spanish and was heading there for a job.

     That had all been five years before the first recorded adventure and in that half decade, life had become good for him with her. Not exactly profitable at times but uneventful and happy. "Unfortunately, as Chaise knew only too well from experience, happiness didn't last for long."

     What will cause a major change again in Chaise's life is foretold to us at the beginning of that first adventure when in an unmarked foreword we are warned, "You shouldn't pick up strangers on the road. Ever seen the film The Hitcher, the one starring Rutger Hauer? Hitchhiker, a real psychopath, deals out death like a gambler does cards. Dismissive. Advice given freely - don't risk picking up strangers. It's not worth it. This is what happens when such advice is ignored..."

     For Chaise, a simple act of kindness in picking up a hiker along the road after a sales call will have major ramifications and will pull him back into a world he was happy to have left.

Good Line:

- After a short physical altercation with an officious sod who announced that Chaise was being 'bloody stupid', Chaise replies, "It's in my nature. So is killing people who don't do what I ask."


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2021

1 Burned Up Burned Up
Written by Stuart G. Yates
Copyright: 2020

"Real estate agent Ryan Chaise lives a quiet life in Southern Spain with his beautiful girlfriend. Everything in his life seems perfectly ordinary. Except that Ryan has a secret. A former agent for the British Secret Intelligence Service, Chaise gets embroiled in a world of drug-pushers and gangsters after accidentally killing a petty criminal absconding with a package of cocaine. Forced to protect himself and his family, Chaise's old skills come to the fore as danger and death tolls rise. Who to trust, who to ignore, who to kill. Chaise has many choices, and he'll need to make the right ones to survive. It's going to be a difficult balancing act. But does he still have the tools to make it?"
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2 Whipped Up Whipped Up
Written by Stuart G. Yates
Copyright: 2021

"For Ryan Chaise, a return to the UK is a return to his old ways.  Desperate to find his girlfriend, he's looking to heal old wounds and make it right. Unfortunately, the British Security Service has something else in mind. The thought of a rogue agent on the streets is simply something they cannot allow. And then there's the problem of the people Chaise crossed back in Spain. They are out for retribution. Once again, Chaise will need all of his skills and assets to survive. But does he still have what it takes to make it out alive?"
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     You know you have gotten hold of a good writer when after reading the first and then the second book in a series, you look immediately to see if there is a third. And then seeing there is not one yet you look at the publishing date of the second to get an idea when the third might be coming out. That is what happened with this series.

     I really enjoyed the ease of reading these adventures. The words just flowed smoothly along, like a good brandy did for me back in my sippin' days. The author neither rushed things nor dawdled. My compliments to the man for a couple of very enjoyable reads. I hope there will be more coming.


My Grade: A-


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