Writing as: Stuart G. Yates

According to the bio on his website: "Born and raised on Merseyside, I’ve sought out various adventures in life, seen places, met people, done things, all of which have led me to who I am now – author. I work as a teacher, and the children I have known have taught me so much,, but my first love is writing –  fulfilling my dreams, creating worlds, and entertaining those who read my words. Those words have always been my friend. Back in 1979 I submitted my first book. Thirty years later I was finally published. In between, I never gave up believing. Most days I write. Inspiration comes from anywhere, at any time. A memory, an event, a half-listened-to conversation, or any combination of these and a thousand other things. Stories stack up in my mind, a traffic-jam of imagination. My dream now is to write that best-seller, to break through, to become a full-time writer. Perhaps if you like what you see in here, and read some of my books, you can join me on the journey. I hope you do."

Series Books
Ryan Chaise Burned Up (2020)
  Whipped Up (2021)