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Full Name: Jim Peregrine
Series Name: The Falcon
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Robert Vallier
Time Span: 2015 - 2021


Jim 'JP' Peregrine is an agent with MI6.

When we first meet Peregrine, he is enjoying a fantastic vacation on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia with the beautiful, highly intelligent, and apparently quite wealthy Stella. The two were very much enamored with each other and life was near perfect.

Then Stella is suddenly abducted and we learn things are not as we first believed and that sets the stage for the rest of the adventure; namely that many things are not quite what they seem.

Peregrine is described as an impressive, almost imposing person. "His thick dark hair brushed back cavalierly above the bronzed face and bold determined eyes, his six foot three frame in a smart pin-stripe cutting a figure fringant [dashing figure]." He appears to be financially secure and his uncle is the British High Commissioner of St. Lucia.

We are told that Peregrine had "resigned from the SAS after an exceptionally brilliant albeit brief career", declined an invitation to go work for MI6, and then, a short time later, got involved in events best read for oneself which would lead him back to MI6 and a new line of work. His connections with the SAS will, however, remain strong.

     Working closely with him in his adventures are the aforementioned Stella, also known as Stephanie (remember things are not necessarily what they claim to be) and Anna. Both gorgeous and deadly women are interesting and well worth following all on their own.

     With his love of excitement and danger and his appreciation for beautiful women, Peregrine's life is never dull.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2021

[Note: the first book was published originally in 2015 and revised in 2019.]

1 Spider 2-3 Spider 2-3
Written by Robert Vallier
Copyright: 2015

"The terrorist Malekka has joined forces with a Russian traitor from the upper corridors of power in the former KGB. Together they plot a raid on a military centre in South Africa. It's the first action of his international plan. His parents died. Now he's going to kill over 3 million people. Where is the attack to be? The United States? Great Britain? Jim Peregrine and the British intelligence are one step behind and play a deadly game of catch-up. Waiting for the breakthrough."
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2 Decoy 17 Decoy 17
Written by Robert Vallier
Copyright: 2021

"Jim Peregrine (the Falcon) and MI6 learn the terrorist Malekka has a second plot against the West. Codename: Stingray. But they have no details. They don't know Malekka's plan will start in six days. Or that it will cripple the West's economies. Or that it will kill two million people. All they have is a plane ticket to Central America, and two words scrawled by a dying man: DECOY 17. The Falcon takes on his evil nemesis in a desperate race against the clock, to try to unravel what Stingray is and destroy it. The trouble is? This time Malekka knows he's coming."
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2016

1 The Falcon On Sunday The Falcon On Sunday
short story
Written by Robert Vallier
Copyright: 2016

This short story was commissioned by The Trinity Mirror Group, London, for their UK national newspaper The Sunday People in its glossy magazine Love Sunday.
"Set a couple of months from where Spider?2-3 left off, Jim Peregrine, aka The Falcon, receives a desperate call for help from a friend, whose family are the victims of extortion. And if there's one thing The Falcon doesn't like it's extortion. Especially when it involves people he knows. So The Falcon steps in and decides to visit the gang, to deliver a little more than they expect..."
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     Once in a while I will read a series and, while doing so, get the feeling that the adventure(s) would work beautifully on the big screen. I mean, lots of books could and do get turned into movies but sometimes the main character just stands out as someone I would love to watch as well as read. Peregrine, codename Falcon, is such a fellow.

     Don't get me wrong. The two books are a lot of fun to read. They just would also be a lot of fun to watch. Getting someone to play such an imposing figure as Peregrine, of course, would be a challenge.


My Grade: B+


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