Writing as: Robert Vallier

According to the bio on Amazon: "Robert Vallier comes from one of the world's most distinguished musical families and spent much of his life in music and theatre production, and publishing. For his close friend the late Sir Patrick Moore, he created the 'Into Space!' series of theatre lectures and books, which he published. He was responsible for collecting and sending via sponsors British Airways over 5½ tons of catalogued books as working libraries to underprivileged schools in South Africa.

Robert Vallier raised his three children as a single parent, juggling tour dates around kids' play dates, sports events and birthday parties. After his children were grown, Robert dedicated himself to realising a lifelong ambition of becoming an author. His first book Spider 2-3 became an Amazon #1 Best Seller.

Robert Vallier holds a Private Pilot's Licence and for many years has flown aircraft in the UK, USA, around South Africa and in Europe. When he isn't working on a book, or enveloped in music, he can be found up in the air flying, or at the home ranch thinking about the next Big Adventure."

Series Books
Jim Peregrine Spider 2-3 (2015)
  The Falcon On Sunday (ss) (2016)
  Decoy 17 (2021)