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Full Name: Mike Ward
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Christopher Bradbury
Time Span: 2016 - 2020


Mike Ward is an agent with MI6.

I pondered on that opening statement for a while because when we first meet him, there is that interesting question as to whether he is or is not an operative. For certain, he is a writer and by most people's standards, a successful one having had published ten novels by the time of our first encounter. And looking at the synopis for the next couple of adventures, we will see him sitting a desk at MI6 before he returns to a previous love of journalism which he had done for ten years before trying his hand at a book. But, back to that introduction, we catch him where he tells everyone he has fled to an island in the Indian Ocean to write a series of articles for a magazine.

The time period of our following the actions of Ward is the mid-to-late 70's. Britain is finishing up saying goodbye and good luck to almost all of its once great empire but if its power around the world has waned, its interest have not and for a man used to travel like Ward, that will work out well.

Ward's exact age is not mentioned [that I could see] but he would have to be in his late 30s to have done the things he has done and still be considered on the youngish side by his Chief at MI6. He talks of an ex-wife in the first adventure and we learn more about her later but for the most part it is safe to say that Ward has no real attachments.

     He does have, however, a natural inclination to snoop. It is so natural that he does it out of habit [and we follow him because it is so natural to do so] and it is that ease and knack of asking the right questions to the right people that gets him the answers he is looking for, and asking the wrong people that makes his inquiries so interesting.

Good line:

- About being an novelist: "Women thought that writing was romantic; men thought it was stuff and nonsense and secretly wanted to do it."


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2020

1 The High Commissioner's Wife The High Commissioner's Wife
Written by Christopher Bradbury
Copyright: 2016

The year is 1976. Mike Ward has had enough of living in England and decides to head to an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean to work on a new book. What he finds is the beautiful but dangerous Rose Trelawney, wife of the government's High Commissioner. He also lands in the middle of an uprising led by communists. And he finds himself immersed in far more deadly activity than putting pen to paper.
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2 The Devil Inside The Devil Inside
Written by Christopher Bradbury
Copyright: 2016

The year is 1977. Mike Ward has tried to put the crazy events of the previous year behind him to work again on his new book. Then the Minister of Justice is murdered and civil war is again looming and the Indian Ocean island nation is about to explode around him.
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3 Catfish Catfish
Written by Christopher Bradbury
Copyright: 2017

The year is 1978. Mike Ward is working a desk in London for MI6 when he gets a summons from the Chief. He is to head to America to look into the actions of a multi-millionaire telecom magnate with major ties to both the KKK and the IRA. Ward will work with FBI agent Steve Kyte and CIA agent Raven Temple to learn what terror plot the man is concocting against England.
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4 No Time To Repent No Time To Repent
Written by Christopher Bradbury
Copyright: 2018

The year is 1979. Mike Ward had returned to journalism but his former Chief at MI6 finds a way to pull him back. What had looked like a simple, mildly interesting story had turned into something a lot bigger and a whole lot more deadly, just what Ward did not want. From the English coast to Paris to Marseilles to the mountains of Cyprus, Ward follows one of the most devious people he has ever fought.
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5 Semper Occultus Semper Occultus
Written by Christopher Bradbury
Copyright: 2020

The mid-air explosion of the Swissair airplane was apparently a terrorist attack. When the body of a wanted scientist washes up on the shores of Lake Geneva, Mike Ward is sent to see if the two matters were related. This will put him back in touch with old friends and an old enemey.
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     An interesting thing happens in the very first book that is repeated through the series and that is that for quite a while nothing particularly exciting happens to the character and yet I am drawn along delightfully.

     That might sound bad on the surface but the exact opposite is true.

     Mind you, there will be things happening to Mike Ward but even when nothing is, I was enjoying just following him about. That is some darn fine writing and storytelling and I hope that author keeps that going.


My Grade: B+


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