Writing as: Christopher Bradbury

According to the bio on his website: "Chris Bradbury was born in 1962. He attended schools in Bracknell, Windsor, Mauritius and Bloxham and, despite all these, failed to learn a thing.

He spent his formative years in a cocoon and failed to see the time go by. He has been a shop worker, a hospital porter, worked in medical records, in the CSSD department, as an estate agent, as a nurse, as a delivery driver, a bus driver and as a teaching assistant.

He lives in Yorkshire.

He is married to a lady and has some lady children. He loves them.

Series Books
Mike Ward The High Commissioner's Wife (2016)
  The Devil Inside (2016)
  Catfish (2017)
  No Time To Repent (2018)
  Semper Occultus (2020)