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Full Name: Gaunt
Nationality: British
Organization: S.O.E.
Occupation Agent

Creator: Gerry Finley-Day, John Cooper
Time Span: 1977 - 1978


     Gaunt is an agent with the British S.O.E.
     That acronym stands for the Special Operations Executive which was a secret military organization during the Second World War, formed in 1940, with the purpose of conducting espionage, sabotage, and reconnaissance in occupied Europe, initially, and Southeast Asia, later on. Additionally, it provided assistance and supplies to various Resistance groups.
     Each of the men who worked for the S.O.E. were well aware that capture meant tortuous interrogation and then death by a firing squad for but they put their lives on the line for a cause they firmly believed in. Gaunt, considered to be a nice but determined and very capable operative was one of their best.
     Gaunt is a man well into his mid-to-late 30s by the looks of him, with the young 40's being a possibility though some of his haggard, well-worn countenance could be accounted for by the extremely unpleasant sort of situations he finds himself in during the performance of his job. The horrific torture he is enduring when we first meet him, for instance, would age anyone.
     It was that 'interrogation' at the Headquarters of the Gestapo in 1940 that SS Officer Bluthal, a particularly odious man, saw to the near destruction of Gaunt's right hand, making it next to useless. Though Gaunt was able despite the pain and the injury to escape, once he got to where he could be evacuated back to England, he was told that his days in the field were over. "We'll find a nice desk job for you in our Edinburgh office".
     Gaunt was having none of that, though, for the call for revenge was too strong. He took some time to heal and scheme and then had a friend at a auto garage make him a special tool. For the next couple of weeks while that object was carefully crafted, Gaunt spent every moment training until he was as good with his left hand as he had once been with his right. The object his friend made was a specially made glove, or as his friend called it, 'Gaunt's Gauntlet'. Now Gaunt was ready to find Bluthal and pay him back.
       The same cannot be said for working again with the S.O.E. When they changed their minds about benching him, he told to take a flying leap. Then he found the woman he cared for the most didn't want to deal with his anger issues. That's when Gaunt decided to put his anger to work again going on missions.
     So a now very angry man returns to his old 'firm' to become what will prove to be a very angry operative. And the Nazis, for whom his anger solely exists, is about to reap their reward.


Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:1978
Last Appearance:1978

1 The Gestapo Prison Breakin! The Gestapo Prison Breakin!
Written by Gerry Finley-Day (writer), John Cooper (illustrations)
Copyright: 1978

Printed in Battle Picture Weekly Annual 1979 with 6 pages.
Because Gaunt hates Nazis so much, he is given the mission to break into a Gestapo prison to get out a man named Jules Lefevre, a French leader of the Resistance. Can he rescue the man before the Gestapo do their worst?
Click here to read the story.


Number of Stories:6
First Appearance:1977
Last Appearance:1977

1 The Haunted Man The Haunted Man
Published by IPC Magazines

Copyright: 1977

Published in Battle Picture Weekly & Valiant #121-124, June 25 - July 16 1977 with 14 black & white pages.
While in France Gaunt is tortured by a German Gestapo Officer and left for dead. But he survives and gets nightmares. This make him seek revenge on the person that did him ill.

2 Blitzkrieg Blitzkrieg
Published by IPC Magazines

Copyright: 1977

Published in Battle Picture Weekly & Valiant #125-130, July 23 - August 27 1977 with 23 black & white pages.
During the London Blitz Gaunt is feeling down but ends up returning to the S.O.E. and is given a mission to assassinate some high level German Officer. Who will it be and what about Gaunt's new partner?

3 Tears of Blood Tears of Blood
Published by IPC Magazines

Copyright: 1977

Published in Battle Picture Weekly & Valiant #131-133, September 3 - 17 1977 with 12 black & white pages.
Back in France Gaunt has a killer grip and he can't be stopped, because he is out to steal some German secrets. Can he do it and return to England?
Note: This story is loosely based on a battle that really happened where about three thousand Canadians died.

4 The Shadow of the Guillotine! The Shadow of the Guillotine!
Published by IPC Magazines

Copyright: 1977

Published in Battle Picture Weekly & Valiant #134-#135,  September 24 - October 1, 1977 with 8 black & white pages.
An old Frenchman is going to beheaded by the Germans if Gaunt can't help him get free. Will the old man get the guillotine or will he go insane first?

5 On The Road With Adolf On The Road With Adolf
Published by IPC Magazines

Copyright: 1977

Published in Battle Picture Weekly #136-#139,  October 8-29, 1977 with 16 black & white pages.
Gaunt is traveling with a man that could be Hitler. But is it really him or just a man that happens to be a double?

6 Cold Is The Killer Cold Is The Killer
Published by IPC Magazines

Copyright: 1977

Published in Battle Picture Weekly #140-141,  November 5-12, 1977 with 7 black & white pages.
Gaunt is a cold and calculating agent that is sent into the arctic to find a downed plane with an important scientist. Just who will survive?


     The main creator of this series, Gerry Finley-Day, was really into spy comic series, having brought to existence four series of action-packed spy-related characters including one of my absolute favorites, Dredger, and he is the writer who converted One-Eyed Jack from being a kick-butt police detective to being a kick-butt government agent.
     It is therefore no surprise to see why and how Gaunt is such a 'do-not-mess-with-me" type character. This is why, IMHO, this series, short though it is, is full of action and a lot of anger and a great deal of entertainment, for us reader, not the Nazis that Gaunt goes after.


My Grade: B


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