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Full Name: Marcus Peterson
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Larry Andrews
Time Span: 2017 - 2021


Marcus Peterson is an agent with the CIA.

Up until the beginning of the first recorded adventure, his employment has been less than he had anticipated. "Recruited by the CIA in his senior year at NYU, he was becoming disillusioned with his first real job out of college. The recruiter had told him that poli-sci graduates were just what the CIA needed. They promised him it would be an exciting job and he would see the world. He naturally thought of James Bond. So far, reality had turned out to be far from the promise. Running background investigations on foreign delegates to the UN who were suspected of being anti-American was really pretty boring, he thought, certainly not worthy of his talents."

That first adventure will take place a year and a half after he had started with them. He had only just moved into a place of his own after living with his parents, a very small apartment complete with a Murphy bed. Falling a tad behind on his work assignments because of the boredom mentioned, suddenly Peterson is called into his boss's office and told of his new mission, a surveillance gig onboard a luxury cruise liner to monitor members of a powerful crime family.

And he is given a wife. Jenna is her name. A fellow newbie agent who had attended NYU at the same time as he but with whom he had had little contact. Now they were 'married' and on a mission together. Peterson is forced to learn not only how to be a good undercover operative but also how to be a good husband, even if the marriage is just pretend.

One thing he will learn early on is that his 'wife' and partner, though just as new to the spy business as he is, is one pretty good person to have on your side.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2021

1 The Caribbean Endeavor The Caribbean Endeavor
Written by Larry Andrews
Copyright: 2017

On his first real mission for the Agency, Marcus Peterson is teamed with fellow newbie, Jenna, to go as a newly married couple on a cruise liner to monitor the activity of a major Mafia crimeboss. It becomes a dangerous situation when they discover that the gangster was using the time to establish a partnership with a Colombian drug cartel. It intensifies when a rival cartel wants in the same deal.
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2 Terror in Tuscany Terror in Tuscany
Written by Larry Andrews
Copyright: 2019

Now on his second major mission, Marcus Peterson is in Italy working on a joint assignment with MI6 and Interpol to investigate an Italian drug smuggling operation. The challenge comes when it is learned that a local Mafia gang has agreed to rub out Peterson at the behest of a New York City crime family.
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3 Mayhem in Monterey Mayhem in Monterey
Written by Larry Andrews
Copyright: 2021

Both Marcus and Jenna Peterson are temporarily assigned to learn Asian languages at a Defense Language school in Monterey when they are given another mission. This time they are to look into a smuggling operation by a local Mafia family using its yacht. One complication is the daughter of one of that gang's leaders who is as alluring and free-spirited as she is determined to make good in the organization.
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     This is a fun, easy-to-read-and-follow series, something that can really help pass some leisure time around the pool. It features, really, two enjoyable characters, the lead Marcus Peterson and his 'wife' Jenna (the quotes on the noun come from the fact that they only pretended to be married but then took it to heart later). I almost made the series grouping a duet like 'Marcus and Jenna' but since the author has Marcus Peterson having the main billing, well, I figure the author knows better than I on this one.

     The author promises at the end of the third book that there will be more adventures for the two and I hope he follows through. I'll get it if they come out.


My Grade: B+


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