Writing as: Larry Andrews

According to the bio on Amazon: "Larry Andrews is referred to by his friends as a true renaissance man. Of Danish/Swedish ancestry, he developed a mastery of skills in multiple fields and disciplines over the years. Following military service, a career in aerospace would be shaped from the early days of rocketry through the launching of communication satellites and the moon landing. After a career as a rocket scientist and aerospace program manager, he taught graduate courses at the University of Southern California. He assisted in the establishment of an ISO committee for Space Operations and became the Chair of the U.S. delegation, traveling to many of the space-faring nations. As an author his novels reflect heavily on his love for travel, people and cultures. Larry hopes you will enjoy reading his works which capture and apply his story-telling and vivid conversational skills that make his books come alive. Building on romance and intrigue, he combines tension, suspense, and surprise within a vivid travelogue adventure. Visit his website

In addition to SciFi I am totally absorbed in the actions and adventures of CIA agent Marcus Peterson. Book 1 (THE CARIBBEAN ENDEAVOR) introduces you to him and he goes on his first operational assignment. Book 2 (TERROR IN TUSCANY} takes him to Italy and Book 3 (MAYHEM IN MONTEREY) soon to be released, has him in Monterey California. He and is faux wife Jenna's assignments involving Mafia and international cartels crime seem to always be plagued with passion and romance."

Series Books
Marcus Peterson The Caribbean Endeavor (2017)
  Terror in Tuscany (2019)
  Mayhem in Monterey (2021)