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Full Name: Alexander Armstrong
Nationality: American
Organization: Presidential Agent
Occupation Agent

Creator: Robert M. Fells
Time Span: 2016 - 2020


Alexander Armstrong is an agent for the American President.

Officially he is a Captain in the Army and we are told right away that he was a part of Military Intelligence and had been for several years, serving under the direction of a Colonel McCullough. Since his first recorded adventure, however, he is under the direct order of the Chief Executive, so it is seems more accurate to state him as being his operative.

Our first contact with Armstrong comes in late Spring of 1917, immediately after the sinking by a U-boat torpedo of the RMS Lusitania and the loss of 1100 souls. At the direction of President Wilson, Armstrong is sent on his first mission specifically at the behest of the Oval Office. Further adventures will be handled over the next decade under the orders of the same President or his successors.

One of the reasons Armstrong was singled out for the initial mission was his native grasp of both German and Arabic. He recounts how as a young boy growing up in Wisconsin the son of an Irish father and a German mother, became friends at age five with a neighbor who was from the Middle East.

The neighbor had "an assortment beautiful books written in Arabic. When I showed an interest in what the writings meant, he began teaching me some basic words in the language. I picked it up quickly, so day by day he taught me more. When my mother found out I could read and even speak some Arabic she insisted I learn German so I could write to our relatives in the old country. By the time I was ten, I seemed to know both languages as well as I knew English."

Armstrong is single with no immediate prospects in the love department but his travels will open a few avenues.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2020

     I waffled a fair amount on whether to list these adventures in this Book section or in the Novella section. The lengths of each really qualify for the latter but they are all marketed as Books so I ended with them here, largely because they are being marketed as such with ISBN codes and all.

     If someone were to argue that decision, they would not get much challenge from me.

1 The Spy Who Resembled Himself The Spy Who Resembled Himself
Written by Robert M. Fells
Copyright: 2016

The year is 1915. President Wilson sends Captain Alexander Armstrong to Egypt to help British Intelligence secure the threatened Suez Canal. There, he is mistaken by the Turks working for the Germans and thought to be a German spy sent to help them. Their use of him? They want him to impersonate an American agent sent to help the British, said agent being named Armstrong.
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2 The Lost Code The Lost Code
Written by Robert M. Fells
Copyright: 2017

The year is 1921. Major Alexander Armstrong is recalled to active duty by his former boss and mentor, Colonel McCullough to help investigate the deaths of two federal agents found in the Potomac. Evidence is pointing to the Japanese attendees to a peace conference but there is also the chance it is yet another power wanting to plant the blame.
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3 The Curse of the Tomb The Curse of the Tomb
Written by Robert M. Fells
Copyright: 2018

The year is 1922. The discovery of the Tomb of King Tutankhamen has exploded the illegal search for and sale of antiquities, not to mention forgeries of the same, in Egypt. The British government asks for help from American Intelligence and Major Alexander Armstrong finds himself once more in that desert country.
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4 Murder At 10,000 Feet Murder At 10,000 Feet
Written by Robert M. Fells
Copyright: 2020

The year is 1924. The theft of a state-of-the-art bombsight is a major problem that a multi-agency task force is set up to investigate. Then two pilots are found murdered and a second bombsight goes missing. President Coolidge assigns Colonel McCullough and Major Alexander Armstrong to join the investigation.
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5 The Great Plague Of 1929 The Great Plague Of 1929
Written by Robert M. Fells
Copyright: 2020

The year is 1929. A highly contagious virus is sweeping the nations of the world and scientists have yet to come up with a treatment or a vaccine. While evidence points to it being carried about by birds, especially small pet birds in millions of homes, there is also considerable fear that the cause could be a virus manufactured as a bioweapon.
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     A well crafted set of short books (or long novellas) recently penned but dealing with events back during World War I (and after), these are very, very fast reads that do an excellent job of entertaining the reader with adventures taking place in a time none of those doing the reading actually lived in.

     Armstrong comes across as a fellow who really enjoys his work and has no regrets about his career choice. His titular boss, McCullough, is also someone who choice the Service as his life's work and has no desire for anything else, and the two are good friends and trust each other.

     The author definitely chose correctly on the length of these tales as none of them felt the least bit drawn out but neither did I get left feeling short-changed. I would not mind a few more.


My Grade: B+


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